There is only one business in the
world and that is of human wellbeing.
~ Sadhguru
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"How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is."

“A nation is not just its land, rivers and mountains. A nation is essentially its people. If we can have 1 billion people who are healthy, truly rejuvenated, inspired and focused, what they can achieve, no technology can achieve. They can do absolute miracles. But 1 billion unfocussed, unhealthy, spiritless people is the biggest disaster a nation can face.

Today, if you walk into any village, you will see that almost 60% of the people have underdeveloped skeletal systems. This is a quiet, but very huge disaster. If these people have an opportunity to be healthy, in mind and body, it will be huge asset for this nation and the world. Health, education and environment is fundamental for the wellbeing of the people.”

~ Sadhguru


Welcome to Isha Outreach—the social development branch of the Isha Foundation. Registered as an independent trust in the state of Tamil Nadu, Isha Outreach enhances the impact of Isha’s ongoing activities for human and community revitalization. Central to the initiative is a growing corps of thousands of volunteers, inspired to rouse the underserved sections of urban and rural India toward improved health, education and environmental well being.

Isha Outreach’s three principal development initiatives are:

Isha Vidhya, providing highly creative English and computer education to rural children. more...

Action for Rural Rejuvenation, offering health care and wellbeing in village communities. more...

Project GreenHands, stimulating ecological renewal and protection through large-scale tree planting and agro-forestry. more...

In the last five years, Isha’s programmes reached more than 4,600 villages and 7 million people in 33 districts of Tamil Nadu and parts of Karnataka, Pondicherry and Kerala. Action for Rural Rejuvenation treated over 1.5 million patients and conducted yoga programs for 1,51,500 villagers; Project GreenHands raised more than 8 million tree saplings for plantation and nearly 2,000 poor children are enrolled in 6 Isha Vidhya schools.

Isha extends assistance to all, regardless of ethnic or religious origins, with focus on India’s marginalized tribal populations.

"India is not Calcutta and Bombay… India lives in seven hundred thousand villages…"

~ Mahatma Gandhi

"If human beings are very spirited towards their life, they will somehow find a solution for everything. But if you try to find solutions from outside, when human beings do not have the necessary spirit to put it into action or make it a reality, it doesn’t matter how much effort one puts in, it will go to waste."

"Every society needs individuals who will go on planting mango trees without thinking whether they will get to eat the fruit or not."

~ Sadhguru