There is only one business in the
world and that is of human wellbeing.
~ Sadhguru
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ASHA for Education

ASHA for Education sponsored scholarships for 80 students in the Isha Vidhya School - Tuticorin for the academic years starting in 2008 and 2009. Coming from extremely economically and socially disadvantaged families, most of these children will represent the first in their families and communities to graduate from the 12 th Standard.


Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has sponsored for the expansion of an Isha Vidhya School for the academic year starting June 2010 . Their donation will provide for the construction and furnishing of 4 new classrooms, a toilet block, and a science laboratory.


Agility Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Agility Logistics Pvt. Ltd., a global leader in logistics, donated for the full construction of an Isha Vidhya School. When completed, the school will accommodate 1200 students each year from Lower Kindergarten through the 12 Standard and will contain 32 class rooms plus laboratories, school offices, toilette blocks and sports facilities. Opened in June 2009, the school currently serves 230 rural students.

Major donors:

  • London Walk-a-Thon for Isha Vidhya
  • Mumbai Marathon
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Great Delhi Run