Mother & Child Healthcare

Mother & Child Health Programs

Mother & Child Health Programs are an important intervention area. Like in many other parts of India, mother and child health indicators in Kolli Hills are very poor. The Project is promoting siddha medicines, which are already being prescribed by the siddha medical officers. These medicines are a highly potent mechanism to correct anemia. Two mother and child health officers are engaged in the identification of beneficiaries, distribution of AYUSH medicines and supplementary nutrition, and conducting health educational sessions.

The project also distributes de-worming drugs to the children and adolescent girls. These drugs will help expel the intestinal worms and help the children to grow better.

Children and women, including pregnant and lactating mothers, with weak health indicators are identified through screening camps and surveys. Subsequently, they are provided with supplementary nutrition and medication to boost immunity, and control anemia and micro-nutrient deficiencies. The project supplies the following nutrition supplements regularly – Sanjeevini – specially developed nutrition supplement by Isha, energy-balls & moringa powder are also distributed to correct the malnutrition and improve health.

Launching of Distribution of AYUSH Medicines and Nutrition supplements under MCH services