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Distribution of Fruit Saplings

Fruit Saplings distributed to villagers
One of the most fundamental aspects that needs to be addressed, in order to ensure a healthy population is nutrition. With 22 crore malnourished people in our country, the lack of proper nourishment is a disaster of tragic proportions. AYUSH-ISHA is implementing a solution that will provide both immediate as well as long-term, sustainable benefits. Right from its inception, the program has encouraged and facilitated the planting of fruit and medicinal trees in houses and fields. A variety of fruit saplings like sapota, mango, pomegranate, guava, gooseberry and jackfruit have been distributed. These sapling varieties were purchased from various parts of South India and were selected after taking into consideration their suitability to the soil and environment of the Kolli Hills.

Moreover, these fruit varieties are favorites of the villagers and are greatly relished by them. As they grow, these fruit saplings will provide fresh fruit which will be of invaluable nutritional value to the families.  These trees will additionally play a significant role in preventing soil erosion and in reversing the ecological degradation that has devastated many of these areas. Every household and field has different varieties of fruit trees which nurtures an atmosphere of sharing and bonding when they exchange fruits among each other. Within three months of its inception, the project has already facilitated the planting of 14,000 saplings. Additionally, with the intention of helping people establish a broader and more stable livelihood, Project GreenHands, the environmental initiative of Isha Outreach, has gifted saplings that can be used for medical and furniture purposes.

AYUSH-Isha’s efforts weren’t limited to just the planting of saplings. In an effort to educate and raise the awareness of villagers, each household is also being taught about the benefits and usage of various indigenous medicinal herbs and is also creating herbal garden of their own in order to ensure that people have easy access to these herbs.

It has been a hectic three months for the AYUSH-Isha team but every moment of it has been worth the effort. With a vision to empower the deprived sections of India towards improved health, education and environmental well being, Isha Outreach volunteers have been routinely involved in various such efforts over the years. Whether it is bonding with the villagers and being a pillar of support when they are faced with difficult times or joining with villagers in tree planting activities, making a difference and lending a helping hand where it is needed is what matters. AYUSH-Isha’s pilot project is being implemented as an innovative model for public health, which can be replicated in the rest of the world.

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