Public Health Promotion

Yoga & Fitness Programs

Yoga is one of the fundamental aspects of AYUSH since it plays an important role in intensifying the body’s vibrancy, creating physical and mental wellbeing. A physically healthy body and mind are naturally better able to resist infections.

Rural yoga programs are a means to rejuvenate traditional self-care and to teach participants a better way of living, one that is healthier, effortless and fulfilling. Various specialized yoga practices like asanas, powerful kriyas and meditation for children, youth and adults are organized during 3-day yoga programs. After completing the 3-day first level program, participants may opt for a 7-day second level program. The project area has been divided in to two Zones. Zone-1 has 6 panchayats and Zone-2 has 8 panchayats. For each Zone, a yoga teacher and fitness assistant are engaged in conducting yoga classes and fitness programs.

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Fitness programs are promoted through various games to reduce addictions and promote social bonding beyond caste, creed, religion or economic status. Games equipment is distributed to the beneficiaries to ensure sustainability.

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The fitness program consisting of 5 sessions conducted for the target community: warm up exercises, volley ball for men, throw ball for women, fun games for children and cool down exercises. Professional physical education teachers handle the sessions.

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Home & Herbal Gardens/Fruit & medicinal trees distribution

Herbal gardens with up to 20 different herbs provide individuals with low cost, easily available home remedies. Nutritional and/or medicinal tree saplings are also distributed for planting among the people. These measures not only provide individuals with readily available and virtually free-of-cost remedies but also generate awareness about the effectiveness of AYUSH and ensure the involvement of the entire population in the project.

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Saplings distribution functions are organized where people receive saplings and plant them in their backyards and farm lands. The project team gathers people at a common place and creates awareness through display of posters, live demonstrations and also by explaining the importance and uses of planting fruit tree saplings in farm lands. Tree planting in the farmland is physically monitored and farmers are guided towards proper planting techniques in fields. Women have been enthusiastically involved in the tree planting and maintenance.

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Awareness Programs

AWARENESS programs have been conducted to sensitize target population at the village level on project activities like yoga, fitness and home & herbal gardens prior to implementing these specialized programs.

Specially designed vehicles are used by the awareness team to generate AYUSH awareness among the target community. The awareness vehicle was launched on 11th March during the AYUSH sevaks medical kit distribution function. Local traditional healer Vaithiar Ponnusamy launched the vehicle in the presence of the target community.

A fictional character, “Kolli Malai Periasamy”, created by the local folk arts team, has been selected as a medium to spread the communication message. The message will be conveyed through 8 themes:

  • Health is important. And it is in your hands. (AYUSH for health)
  • Yoga and fitness
  • Nutrition to generate awareness about locally available nutritious foods like millets, greens, vegetables and fruits like banana, guava, pineapple and Jack fruit.
  • Mother and women’s health
  • Child care
  • Herbs as medicine
  • Sanitation, personal hygiene and dental hygiene
  • Alcohol & Tobacco de-addiction

Group educational programs are conducted at the school and community level on the applicability of AYUSH. Exhibition panels, posters, hoardings, brochures and videos are used to create AYUSH awareness among the target community.