Sustainability Programs

AYUSH Sangas, AYUSH Sevaks & Networking

AYUSH Sangas (clubs) are established in each Panchayat, which support project activities and ensure sustainability of interventions. Each Sanga comprises on average, 15 members who have enough technical capacity to carry on certain project activities like the maintenance of herbal gardens, sustaining AYUSH Sevak activities, preparation and use of home-made remedies, supporting people in their yoga practices, planning and reviewing local Project activities, and devising new communication and awareness activities.

AYUSH Sevaks are capable village level healthcare consultants who are equipped with basic and essential medicines in an AYUSH Kit and are trained in its use, and as a consultant on matters of health. The AYUSH medicines distributed to the AYUSH Sevaks are simple herbal preparations using medicines like chooranam, kudineer and mathirai. The following medicines are distributed in the AYUSH kit: Thalichadi chooranam for common cold, Nilavembu kudineer chooranam for fever, Neerkovai mathirai for headache, T.Thayirchundi Mathirai for indigestion and diarrhoea, T.Chandraprabhavadee for dysmenorrhoea, Pinda Thailam for musculoskeletal pain and Mathan Kalimbu for dressing kit. These herbal medicines are recommended by the technical support group of the AYUSH-Isha project.

AYUSH-Isha networks with local AYUSH institutions, government bodies and with AYUSH clubs for the purposes of mutual referrals and promotion. Parallely, capacity building exercises in the form of training programs are organized for traditional practitioners.