Yoga and Fitness

Relieved from body pains

- Mayilswami

Fifty year old Mayilswami lives in a small village called Keezh Solakadu in Valavanthi panchayat. He took part in the AYUSH awareness session conducted in his village by the project team and came to know of the yoga class organized by AYUSH-Isha from the field staff. He was suffering from body pains and fatigue, and he decided to participate in the yoga class to be conducted in his village. He also informed his friends about the class and mobilized them for the yoga class.

After attending the yoga class, he has been practicing yoga regularly to alleviate his body pains. He particularly enjoys practicing surya namaskar, which has helped reduce joint pains in his legs. He is optimistic that his hand pain will also reduce if he continues the yoga practice regularly. Initially, he thought yoga was very tough, but after a few days of practice, it became quite easy for him and he has been practicing every day both in the morning and evening.

With the support of the project’s Yoga Team, yoga has become a part of Mayilswami’s life. He shared that before he began practicing yoga, he was leading a joyless life. But now, he has been given a new lease of happiness.

A sharper memory

- Jeevitha

Jeevitha studies in the 7th standard at Pallakulipatti Panchayat Union Middle School in Selur. Recently, she participated in the yoga class conducted there for the students. After the yoga training, Jeevitha’s parents were very pleased to see the change in their child’s behavior. Jeevitha has become pro-active in school, is learning well and scoring good marks.

Jeevitha herself realized that her memory power has increased. Studying has become enjoyable and more effortless for her. Every morning, she spends a few minutes on her yogic practice. She encourages her friends to practice yoga every day too.

She is also involved in the maintenance of the school’s herbal garden which is promoted by AYUSH-Isha.

Goodbye backache!

- Thilakarasi

Thilakarasi, aged 30, lives and works in Ellakiraipatti village of Valavanthi panchayat. She earns a meager income from her tailoring business. For many years, she had been suffering from severe back pain. Performing her daily chores and working at the sewing machine used to be a struggle in this condition.

She attended the three-day yoga class which was held in her village by AYUSH-Isha. She very diligently attended the yoga class and has been keeping up her practice regularly. As a result, she found considerable relief from her back pain, and is able to do her work with more ease. She is sharing the benefit of yoga among the women in her village.

The project team has also trained her in Throwball. Three days in a week, she plays with her friends and enjoys herself thoroughly. She says that while playing throwball, she forgets all her burdens and just enjoys herself.

Rehabilitated from alcoholic addiction

- Sathiyaraj

Sathiyaraj, aged 25, lives in Keezh Solakadu village in Kolli Hills. He is a agriculturist. Sathiyaraj began drinking alcohol at the tender age of 12 and was already drinking heavily by the age of 14. His father was also an alcoholic. Sathiyaraj used to consume alcohol on an almost daily basis with his friends, eat late at night and go to bed feeling guilty.

Despite repeated plans to stop drinking, he would end up falling into the same pattern over and over again.

When the AYUSH-Isha project fitness team trained the adults in Keelsolakadu in various games like volley ball and kabbadi, he took to volley ball. Now at least thrice a week, in the evening, the village adults gather and play volley ball. Since Sathiyaraj began playing games, he no longer has the urge to consume alcohol and instead enjoys playing volley ball with his friends. He is more relaxed and at ease with himself and his surroundings.

He also attended the yoga class conducted in his village and is now practicing regularly at home and just feels good. His family is very happy to see Sathiyaraj’s transformation.

Rehabilitated from alcoholic addiction

- Vijayakumar

Vijayakumar is a 26-year-old man living in Vilaram village of Devanur Panchayat. He began drinking alcohol at the age of 16 to forget his burdens. He would consume alcohol and smoke a pack of cigarettes almost every day.

For him, consuming alcohol used to be the only way to relax the mind. But he knew it was not good for his health. He is an agricultural laborer. All his earnings were spent on alcohol, leaving wife and family with almost nothing.

AYUSH-Isha’s Fitness and Yoga team trained Vijayakumar in yoga and volleyball. With regular visits and counseling on de-addiction by the project team, Vijayakumar was encouraged to practice yoga and play volleyball. He now says that this is good for his health and he has also been rehabilitated from alcoholic addiction.

His wife Thayamma, aged 23, says that since he is practicing yoga, her husband is not consuming alcohol anymore and goes to work regularly and supports the family. She thanked the AYUSH-Isha team for the change that they had brought about in her husband’s life, and that of their family.

Mother and Child Health

Better Hemoglobin levels. She breathes easier now

- Sangeetha

23 year old Sangeetha lives in the remote village of Chempankullam, Selur Panchayat. She was pregnant with her third child. Her husband is a low-wage seasonal laborer. He was an alcoholic who frequently got into quarrels. The stigma of her husband’s behavior led her into depression. She was also suffering from severe anemia due to an improper diet.

During the health screening camp, the AYUSH-Isha project Mother and Child Health Officer (MCHO) identified Sangeetha’s poor health and enrolled her as a project beneficiary. Sangeetha received supplementary nutrition and AYUSH medicines which helped her to recover from anemia. The MCHO advised her to continue the intake of supplementary nutrition and AYUSH medicines and to visit the Primary Health Center (PHC)

The project team conducted regular follow-ups to monitor her consumption of supplementary nutrition and AYUSH medicines. Her Hemoglobin level has risen significantly following the project intervention. She also participated in the yoga class organized for pregnant women. Thanks to the project intervention, she gave birth to her child through normal delivery at the PHC, Kolli Hills. The project team has advised her to consider family planning measures.

A healthy start in life

Mrs. Kasthuri is a Post Natal Mother, lives in Ellakiraipatti village, Kolli hills. She is a 22 year old woman and she has given birth to a male child, who is three months old now. Her husband is an agricultural laborer and this is her first child. She is our targeted beneficiary who is undergoing our mother and child care intervention for last four months.

She was reportedly having 7.8 gm/dl of hemoglobin in her blood which is a very low level at the beginning of third trimester and she has been suffered with anemia. It is considered to be a risk to get normal delivery and healthy baby with such a level of Hb. So she has been repeatedly visited by our MCH team and has been given nutritional supplements and AYUSH medications to improve her hemoglobin level and also to ensure to deliver a healthy baby. She has also been educated by our experienced staff about proper diet, risks involved in pregnancy, self hygiene to be practiced, and controlling anemia. She understood her situation and regularly consumed the nutrition supplements and medicines that we provided to her.

She was trained to do yoga practices meant for the pregnant women. Eight types of asanas and other yogic practices such as AUM meditation and Sukha kriya were also offered to her. These yogic steps helped her to overcome the psychological issues such as fear, anxiety, nervousness that a pregnant woman will usually go through. A specially trained yoga teacher has visited her and motivated her to do yoga regularly.

After that, she has given birth to a healthy male child with 2.6 kg of birth weight. She has consumed our medication continuously for four months and now her Hemoglobin level has also improved from 7.8gm/dl to 11gm/dl which is a very good improvement. She is continuing the medication and hopes to develop her Hb level much more and also to improve her baby’s health through proper lactation (as the AYUSH medicines provided to her improves the lactation) and thus providing him a healthy life.

Getting rid off from anemia

Mrs.Vennila is a 23 year old Post Natal Mother lives in Ellakiraipatti village, Kolli hills. Her husband is an agricultural laborer. She has given birth to a female child two months ago and this is their first child.

Mrs.Vennila has been our Mother and Child Care benificiary from her 7th month of pregnancy. When our MCH team first checked her hemoglobin level she was having a very low level of 7gm/dl which is a risky level for her pregnancy. This may cause severe problem to her and also to her child during delivery.

She has been included as our targeted benificiary and has been given supplementary nutrition and medication from that day on. She has been regularly visited by our MCH team and educated regularly about self hygiene, diet, risks involved in pregnancy and controling anemia. She also cooperated very well and properly consumed all the medication regularly and followed the instructions given by our team.

Two months ago she has delivered a healthy female child with 2.5kg of birth weight. She had a normal delivery and she also feels hale and hearty after delivery.They were very happy about their child. When checked her hemoglomin level 20 days ago, it shows her Hb level has improved from 7gm/dl to 11 gm/dl. She is happy about this progress and promised to consume the medication continually, given by our project.

Mobile Health Services

Healed from chronic ulcer

Mrs.Sujatha is a house wife living in Perungiraipatti village, Kolli hills. She is suffering from ulcer for past one year after she got high fever once. She says, after affected with that fever she took lot of tablets without having enough food. Since then she has been suffering from severe ulcer.

She couldn’t eat properly because of this. Even if she takes a little spicy food she says she gets severe stomach pain. She underwent several treatments but couldn’t cure it completely. Whenever she gets any medication to cure it, she says, it becomes alright for some period of time until the medication course got over and again the same pain will start. She was never satisfied with any medication so she stopped them and just accepted the illness as a part of her daily life. She spent lot of money for treating the ulcer and everything went on vain.

After our mobile health clinic intervention at Kolli hills lot of people have been cured out of their ailments like this. Hearing all these, she got a little hope, so she decided to try our system of medicine. She visited our mobile health clinic once and got counseling and medicines from our Doctor. But still she was not sure that it can cure her illness. She just tried it for sake of trying and after a month she is not that much cured.

She visited our MHC for the second time and our Doctor gave her hope and promised to cure her completely. She took the second course of medicines and avoided tea, coffee and tamarind as per Doctor’s suggestion, to her surprise she noticed that her pain is reducing day by day. She got very happy with the results and visited the clinic for the third time. Our Doctor has insisted her to continue one more course of medication and she did accordingly. Now she got completely relieved and was very happy with our system of treatments. Later, she suggested her aunty who is also suffering from ulcer to undergo AYUSH treatment and she claims that there is good progress in her aunt’s health status.

AYUSH healed my illness

Mrs.Kalyani is an agricultural labourer lives in MGR nagar near semmedu, Kolli hills. She has got aborted a year ago, since then she is suffering from ulcer because of the consumption of lot of tablets. She has taken treatment for this ailment at various hospitals but couldn’t get releived from the pain. She says ‘if I take a liittle spicy food or tea or cofee it will just starts to burn and gives me lot of pain, I tried in many ways to cure but never could’.

AYUSH mobile health clinic used to visit villages in a regular interval giving free treatment through our traditional medical practices. After seeing this for several time she decided to try this also. She has been checked by our Doctor and given necessary siddha medicine and counseling to cure this completely. After that she has stopped consuming tea, coffee, tamarind and took the prescribed medicines regularly. She has been given 3 cycles of medicine and after completing them now she says she got completely relived from the pain and she is very much happy with that. She now happily says she can take any kind of food she desires and it doesn’t disturb her in anyway.

Regained the health

Mrs. Pappaathi aged 47 W/o Muthusamy lives in a small village Adukampatti, Selurnadu Panchayat, 16 Kms far from semmedu the major town in Kolli hills. This village doesn’t have adequate transport facility. Her family includes her husband Muthusamy with four children. Her husband is an agriculture laborer.

Nine years ago Mrs.Papaathi was an active agricultural laborer but unfortunately due to CVA – Cerebrovascular accident (Etiology: Uncontrolled Hypertension), she lost her right side movement of the body. She got paralyzed throughout her right side of the body (Hemiplegia) and also became unable to speak properly. She couldn’t take care of herself and always relied on her family members to fulfill even her basic needs like having food, going to toilet, etc..,

Her husband took her to several hospitals and tirelessly tried to heal her somehow. He even took her to one of the popular hospitals in Salem and continued treatment there for six months and spent more than Rs.60,000/-, but she didn’t show any improvement.

Mean while her daughter came to know about AYUSH-Isha project and the health services they are providing. So she visited our mobile health clinic, which visits their village regularly and provide free health care at their door steps and asked the doctor for help. After knowing the entire story, our Doctor visited their home and checked her mother’s status. Understanding her physical and family situation our Doctor gave active counseling and provided medicine (Amukkara Choorna tablet, karisalai Karpam, Seeraga Choornam, Pinda thailam) and insisted to continue the medication without fail. He gave hope to her and to her family.

For seven months, intense treatment continued. She also co-operated well and practiced the medication regularly. Now after all the treatment she has started to show good improvement and she is able to move her right hand freely and also able to move from place to place. She is very happy with her improvement and wants to continue the medication till she gets completely healing. She thanked our MHC team and also expressed her gratitude towards AYUSH-Isha. Her family also feels very happy and her husband got impressed with this treatment. These days when our mobile health clinic visits their village, she is the first one to come and get medicines.

Getting rid off from diabetic ulcer

A 55 year old woman Mrs.Nallammaal W/O Panneer Selvam is living in Oorpuram colony, Selur Nadu. Her family includes her husband Panneer Selvam a daily wager and four children. She is suffering from Diabetic foot ulcers for past one and half years. One of her sole got injured and the wound was not getting healed. Her husband took her to private hospitals and no matter what they did her wound stayed unhealed. They spent up to Rs.15,000 but left unsatisfied.

During the situation like this, her husband, while working in the field used to see our mobile health clinic going around Kolli Hills. But he never thought about taking her wife there. One day after hearing from his fellow worker that AYUSH-Isha is providing good health services he decided to bring her wife and check for one time. When visited MHC he got impressed with the way they treats patients and the care they show towards them. Our Doctor checked her completely and found out that she has high Blood pressure and high sugar. So he explained about her status and gave counseling on importance of taking medication immediately. She and her husband realized the situation and accepted to go under treatment continuously.

She co-operated well and regularly took the medications that our Doctor suggested (Madhumega Chooranam, Seeraga Chooranam, Karisalai Karpam, Mathan Thailam for wound dressing) and practiced the diet also as he recommended. After the regular treatment she started to notice that her wound is healing a little and got very happy about that. In the past, she was not able to walk freely and nowadays she walks casually and visits her neighborhood. 75% of her wound got healed and by seeing this people in her village got impressed with our treatment and started to show interest towards AYUSH treatments.


Feels happy being a health volunteer

Mrs. Saraswathi, is an ICDS worker in Veerakanoorpatti, Selur Panchayat, Kolli Hills. She is also one of the AYUSH-Sevak of our project. In the beginning she didn’t know much about our project other than that they are doing some health care services. She participated in the interface meeting organized by the AYUSH-Isha project with the ICDS staffs.

She was inspired by the project intervention (shared by the project team and requested them to extend their support for the successful intervention) which is going to make a change in the life of the people of Kolli Hills, and she decided to get involved in the programme. Our field team had identified her as one of the AYUSH Sevak to serve in her village she was very happy to be associated with the project to render her service.

Siddha expert from the project trained her on the role of AYUSH Sevak and how to handle the medical kit. She also explained how it could be very useful for the people to have health care service at their doorstep. It always has been tough for them to come all the way to semmedu for even a minor ailment. There is no proper transport facility also. So she said this could be a greater relief for the people. She has been successfully doing her service for the needy beneficiaries in her community. After some days when our cluster facilitator visited her village she showed him the register and proudly said that she has provided treatment to more than 100 people so far. She also explained that people are also very satisfied with the medicines. She expressed that they all saying it is healing well. She expressed her happiness to be a little doctor for her people.

Nowadays she became popular in her area. She says it is very easy for her to meet people, because she is already known to the people as an ICDS worker. She expressed her thanks to AYUSH-Isha for providing her with such an opportunity. She also participated in the yoga and fitness program specially arranged for AYUSH Sevaks at Semmedu. She said it was very joyful since it didn’t go like training. There was lot of fun games and also throw ball was taught to them. She said the ‘surya namaskar’ practice is very useful on regularly practicing she feels very relieved these days. She expressed that ‘AUM chanting’ was very power full. She said while doing it she can feel the energy passes throughout her body. Altogether she is very satisfied with our intervention and feels proud to be a part of it.