What we do?

The true potential of AYUSH in public health has remained untapped and so far, AYUSH has been confined to hospitals and laboratories. To bring it into mainstream healthcare and take it to the people, it is essential to work at the grass-root level. To accomplish this, AYUSH-Isha involves members of the community in the project to ensure community participation. Project staff live on location in the community, which creates a bond between the staff and community members. Initiatives are also undertaken to celebrate and promote local culture.

To create willingness among the community towards the possibilities of traditional health systems, various initiatives are implemented to inform the community about the benefits & methods of AYUSH and to help people experience the efficacy of AYUSH treatments firsthand.

AYUSH Programs are also designed to bring the holistic aspects of the AYUSH health systems to the forefront. The true power of AYUSH lies in its ability to strengthen the body’s own mechanisms to fight disease, thereby precluding the need for the curative aspects.

A graphical map of the various programs is given below. Click on each program for further details.