Why AYUSH-Isha?

AYUSH-Isha seeks to create a significant directional change in the present healthcare model.

It perhaps goes without saying that, overwhelmingly, primary healthcare in India is curative in approach. Determinants of nutrition, fitness and hygiene are not focused upon.

By contrast, traditional Indian health sciences focus on sufficient activation of the energy system, which tunes body and mind toward wellness. If the energy system is properly cultivated and maintained, health is possible for all, except in extreme cases of economic distress and deprivation. Natural therapies have produced astonishing results in alleviating unremitting ailments like diabetes, arthritis, asthma, Hepatitis B and C, and even HIV and AIDS.

However, the existing primary healthcare system ignores a range of holistic indigenous health sciences.


The AYUSH ISHA model of rural health offers an effective mix of preventive and curative care based upon yogic practices, physical fitness programs, naturopathy, ayurveda, siddha and essential allopathic treatments. AYUSH Isha is not just an advocacy for better health; it is a technology for wellbeing.

AYUSH-Isha seeks to create a significant directional change in the present healthcare model. This change can be summarized as:

FROM a model of disease, diagnosis and cure
TO a model predominantly focused on preventive healthcare and individual wellness
FROM a model which does not address the root causes of diseases
TO a model which addresses the root causes and strengthens the body’s own healing mechanisms
FROM a model of high healthcare costs and increasing inequities in access to health care
TO a model of low healthcare costs in the long run and equitable access to health care
FROM a model dominated by a network of doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies
TO a model that provides access to healthcare in the hands of the people