There is only one business in the
world and that is of human wellbeing.
~ Sadhguru
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Gramotsavam - Rekindling the Rural Spirit through Sports

Isha Outreach’s initiatives run round the year - an essential component of this has been the introduction of sports and yoga in the interiors of rural villages of Tamil Nadu. Weekly gatherings on the volleyball and throw ball court are helping to renew a sense of community by involving villagers old and young, and men and women from all castes and economic levels. To promote and foster this, there is an intrinsic need to increase the volley ball / throw ball courts in the villages.

Increasing volleyball / throw ball courts

Isha has identified 54 villages / 80 locations where volleyball and the throw ball courts could make a huge difference to the youth in those villages.

  • The locations were identified working along with the Panchayat leaders of their respective villages.
  • Around 80 locations with 2000+ players will get involved for Volley ball &Throw ball.

Total Number of Courts (Volley Ball + Throw Ball) – 160; Total Budget – 24Lacs

Donate for ten courts (Volley ball or Throw ball) = Rs.1,50,000/-

Donate for five courts (Volley ball or Throw ball) = Rs.75,000/-

Donate for one court (Volley ball or Throw ball) = Rs.15,000/-

You can reach us at : Isha Outreach, 0 94432 51234, 94425 04720 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


You, Isha and the Government can craft a brighter India!- Adopt a Government School

Shaping the future generation

Isha is committed to providing each child with a comprehensive education which ensures their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, allowing every child to bloom to their fullest potential.

By adopting a school, you can change the destiny of thousands of children. Adopting a school involves a donation of Rs. 300,000/-, which will cover the operational costs for one year. Partial donations can also be made towards the overall expenses.

“It is very important that children realize there is somebody out there in the world who has enough concern in their heart that they are contributing towards their wellbeing. It is most important that a child grows up with this trust in humanity.” – Sadhguru

We invite you to gift a child a future.

Both monetary and in-kind contributions are welcome.


Help farmers grow Trees – Support this year’s Project GreenHands nursery season

Target: 100,000 saplings ready for the April planting season
Project GreenHands helps rural farmers to increase green cover while conserving precious topsoil and gaining income through organic tree farming.

Establish a Nursery

Train nursery supervisor and staff, grow saplings from seed and distribute
Rs 20 / US$ 0.50 per sapling
Rs 400 / US$ 10

Agro-forestry - Plant Trees on Farm Lands

Grow Timber, Fruit, Fodder and Fuel Trees, Enhance Soil Fertility, Reduce Erosion, Improve Rural Incomes
Rs 40 / US$ 1 per tree
Rs 800 / US$ 20 for 20 trees

Your donation allows Project GreenHands to support the livelihood of India’s farming families!


Help Rural Children – Support Isha Vidhya’s current Scholarship Program

The Isha Vidhya scholarship programme supports children from underdeveloped tribal villages to access an excellent education.
Your donation to Isha Vidhya allows disadvantaged rural children to become the first in their families with fluency in English and computer technology!
Scholarship for one child for one year

(tuition, study materials, books and a daily nutritional health supplement)
Rs. 10,000 / U.S.$ 240 / £ 150 per year


Support Holistic Health in Villages through Action For Rural Rejuvenation

One can contribute to ARR initiatives and have the opportunity to transform the lives of millions of people.

You can donate towards

Screening 70 women for anemia – Rs.2500/- (US $45.5; €35.75)

Treating 250 patients – Rs.10000 (US $182; €143)

Treating 125 diabetic patients for one year – Rs.1,20,000 (US $2184; €1716)

Running a mobile health clinic for one year – Rs.12,00,000 (US $21840; €17160)