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Hooked on Kashayam: #BeatTheVirus Isha Diaries – Part 18

Field Stories
12 May, 2020
3:36 PM

Rural communities are hailing Nilavembu Kashayam as an elixir for many ailments. Some sanitation workers of Booluvapatti have beaten their dependence on liquor by opting for the herbal drink, others claim it is helping regulate chronic ailments.


Kashayam Cure

Nilavembu Kashayam has acted as a catalyst for de-addiction for some sanitation workers of Booluvapatti. Some of these workers who are in the frontlines of the battle to #BeatTheVirus used to consume liquor before starting their day’s drainage cleaning. Since the lockdown, however, they are unable to get their liquor supplies since many shops are still closed.

Instead of succumbing to their addiction, the workers have showed great determination in shifting their focus to Nilavembu Kashayam, the herbal drink which acts as an immunity booster. The sanitation workers now make it a point to have Nilavembu Kashayam daily before commencing their daily cleaning.

One of them confessed to a volunteer: “We have become fans of the taste of the herbal drink. It has helped us forget liquor. We all feel much better and more energetic these days.”


An Appetizer with a Difference

The health benefits of having this drink daily has become the talk of many villages these days. A volunteer said: “Sometimes we have to head back to our kitchen to fetch a fresh consignment of the herbal drink to satiate the increasing demand.”

Premkumar, a resident of Booluvapatti, told a volunteer: “We are all feeling more healthy and physically stronger. Many residents of this village now feel that that herbal drink can help resolve a variety of ailments. Since we started drinking Nilavembu Kashayam daily, people claim to have noticed a marked improvement in their health. Many also claim that it is helping resolve some chronic diseases and digestive problems.”

A woman who stays in Jakirnaickenpalayam colony, said: “Thanks to Kashayam, my children’s appetite has improved and they are eating properly these days.” 


In Puthur, our volunteers were stopped by a group of elderly women who had missed their daily quota of Nilavembu Kashayam. “We spoke to our counterparts and found out that volunteers were then distributing the drink in another part of the village. When we told the women, they rushed to the spot for their daily quota. It is heartwarming to see that people have realized the health benefits of drinking the herbal drink daily.”

Many aged people in the villages do not have any source of income. They now rely on Isha for their daily nourishment.

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