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In times of difficulty, farmers rise to the challenge

Field Stories
16 July, 2020
4:37 PM

Farmers like Prabhu and Velumailswamy recognise their role in providing nourishment to their communities. From donations of rice, tomatoes, bottle gourd and other fresh vegetables, they are doing their part in reaching out to underprivileged communities.


These past few months have been especially difficult for rural communities, with many families burdened with the stress of not knowing where their next meal will come from. But Prabhu decided that it was up to farmers like him to lend a helping hand to those in need. When this generous farmer from Narasipuram wanted to give back to his community hit by the pandemic, his first thought was to let Isha know that he was ready to offer his support.


A traditional farmer, Prabhu worked in the field of software development for three years before he found his true calling in farming. For Prahbu’s family, farming runs in the blood. His 12-acre land, which is no more than 5 kilometres away from the Isha ashram in Coimbatore, is brimming with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

 "The community has been supporting me and my family for all these years. Now, it feels good to be able to return the help,” said Prabhu, an Isha volunteer since 2012.

Community effort

Velumailswamy, a farmer from Chellappa Goundan Puthur, knows that the need of the hour is to help people get their daily nourishment. When the lockdown was announced, he immediately reached out to Isha, knowing that the food is going to those in his communities who need it the most. “With so many people facing hardships in our communities, we really felt a need to do something,” he said.

In these rural areas, small acts of kindness can make a great difference and inspire whole communities. Farmer-Producer Organizations member Dhanasekar, from Alandurai panchayat, too shared 500 kg of rice to help the nearby communities. Vinoth from Nallurvayal offered Isha 200 kg of tomatoes. He even invited our volunteers to his farm and donated the large consignment of tomato. In Thondamuthur village a small-scale farmer donated 15 kg of suraikai (bottle gourd).


In the midst of the pandemic, these farmers recognise the vital role they play in helping to feed their communities. As such examples of compassion resonate throughout these villages, their help goes a long way in reducing the burden of many families in these rural areas.

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