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Cauvery Calling... And Look Who Heard! - On the Farmers’ Trail of Cauvery Calling

Human Impact Stories
20 August, 2019
8:21 PM

#Cauvery is Calling, and look who heard! Read about an unusual encounter of our millennial Gen Z volunteers in village Madagondanahalli.

#CauveryCalling, and look who heard! Read about an unusual encounter of our millennial Gen Z volunteers in village Madagondanahalli.

On July 31, 2019, Sadhguru flagged off the Farmers’ Outreach Campaign - a game changer aspect of Cauvery Calling. Under this campaign 28 trucks along with hundreds of volunteers are driving towards various districts in the two states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, to meet thousands of farmers and educate them about the profitable benefits of agroforestry. But more than that, the volunteers also are getting a glimpse into the heart-breaking reality of farmers’ lives.

Here is an opportunity to virtually experience the profoundness and joy of our volunteers. Stay with us, On the Farmers' Trail.

This happened in Madagondanahalli, Doddaballapura Taluka, two nights ago. This village was different. We requested farmers to come to watch the agroforestry video. They were simply sitting, too reluctant to see what was going on for the entire duration of the video. While at least ten farmers were present, the only ones who paid attention were the children!

“Bharat ke Bhagya Vidhatha” reach out to “Bharat Ke Annadata”

After watching the videos, these children joined us and started asking the elders as well to come forward. They also told them that it is for their benefit. This was nothing short of a miracle. The future generation stepped forward for a vision that they felt was in their best interest! These kids were so motivated that they even made fun of those farmers who didn’t step forward. Finally, the farmers yielded to the call of Cauvery. We played the video once more, and many signed up to shift to agroforestry. It was painful to see that most farmers have lost their hopes, and they cannot believe that someone cares for them. Thanks to Bharat Ke Bhagya Vidhatha (India’s destiny – or the next generation) who mobilized Bharat Ke Annadata (India’s food givers).

We closed the event by sharing toffees with the children as a token of our thanks, and later our volunteer Sudhanshu anna spent the closing hours of the event picking up the wrappers from the ground.

A Musical Invitation

Not so far away in Ratnahalli village, Mysuru Taluka, our Gen Z volunteers’ enthusiasm went to another level. When we arrived in this village, it was raining, and the farmers didn't seem interested in coming out and listening to us. However, the children in the village became very curious about the event and hung around, looking eager to do something to help us. One of our volunteers thought of singing our favorite song along with these children. This song was written and composed on the fly the same morning by Siddhesh, another volunteer. We had been joyfully humming it during our travel since then. Singing this song along with the children became an exhilarating moment for all of us.

“On the lands of the banks of Kaveri,

Farming must shift to agroforestry.

It is time to see income

that's never been seen before.

Everyone who is crying, “No rain, no rain,"

Everyone who says, "Grow forests to save the land,"

Don't you hear Cauvery Calling?“

May We Meet Them Again

As soon as the song was over, the farmers came forward curiously and shared their details. An old lady, Gauramma, became an active volunteer, and asked many other villagers to register. When we asked her to fill the form, we saw a strange change in her behavior. She looked at the form for a moment, and walked away from the venue hurriedly, taking the form with her. We were puzzled by her reaction. She came back after a while, and we realized she had gone to bring her mobile phone as she didn't remember her number. Her house was a bit far away from the venue, yet she was keen to give us her phone number.

For many of us, this campaign has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are overwhelmed with gratitude and love for these humble rural folks.

May we meet them again - with trees in their farms, and water in their lands!

- Isha volunteers on the Farmers’ Trail of Cauvery Calling

Editor’s Note: Anyone can support Cauvery Calling. Here are a few ways to get involved:

Contribute Rs. 42 per sapling


Start a crowdfunding page

Connect to the farmers of Cauvery basin. Stay Tuned

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