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Day 7 - Cauvery Diaries: Of Motorcycles and a Mystic

Field Stories
09 September, 2019
9:06 AM

With the Karnataka leg of Cauvery Calling over, we have a gap of two days before the effervescent Tamil Nadu stretch begins! We keep you updated on Sadhguru’s engagements in Delhi and other happenings on the ground. 

Day 7 - Cauvery Diaries: Of Motorcycles and a Mystic

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Moments of Sadhguru at the UNCCD COP14 (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, Conference of Parties) at New Delhi

The Game Changer!

Bored out of your mind waiting for Sadhguru to rev up his bike and rally through Tamil Nadu? Don’t understand a word of what we’re saying with regards to saving Cauvery? Think you are the unopposed Trivia King? Or simply interested in learning more about our rivers? We have the perfect little game to keep you hooked to Cauvery and her cause. Check out this game, play it with your friends and learn a little about our rivers.


Meet Our Motorcyclists - Vikram


“I started riding my uncle’s scooter at the age of 14, much to his displeasure,” says Vikram who joined the slew of Triumph Tiger riders in the first leg of Cauvery Calling. This Captain from the Merchant Navy, could not do anything but join the ride as it was led by Sadhguru. He has been spreading awareness about how to make an impact on the environment by supporting this cause. “It is the culmination of a great cause with my passion,” this rider signs off, riding into the sunset with the rest of the bikers.

Watch: Karnataka Government Extends Resounding Support for Cauvery Calling

Shri B. S. Yediyurappa, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, offers 20 million saplings from the state's forest department and the government's full support to all aspects of CauveryCalling.


Sadhguru on his way to meet Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Shri Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, today at UNCCD in Delhi.

Watch: What Sadhguru Is Investing 12 Years of His Life For

Sadhguru explains why at this stage in his life, he is prepared to invest 12 years to revitalize Cauvery.

Action Now to Save Cauvery Rs.42 per Tree

Support Farmers To Plant 242 Crore Trees at CauveryCalling.org.

The Gratitude of a Farmer

A glimpse into the Farmers’ Outreach Campaign in Tamil Nadu:

"Kattamuthu Palayam (Panruti) is the best village I have visited yet. The farmers here are so excited for agroforestry and Cauvery Calling that one of them gave me lemons from his farms as a token of his gratitude," says Nidhish, moved to tears.

"He doesn't understand English, I don't understand Tamil, but when he heard that I am volunteering for Cauvery Calling and that I came from North India, he simply hugged me. I bowed down to him."


Watch: Why Our Children May Never See Cauvery

With the Cauvery fast depleting, will our children have to live in a world where this lifeline of two states almost disappears?

Rally for Rivers volunteers leave no stone unturned in garnering support for Cauvery Calling. Mahima explains why we should be planting trees on the banks of river Cauvery to a delegate at the UNCCD COP14 in Delhi today, where we set up a stall.


Watch: Will Water Scarcity Lead to Murders?

Water scarcity in India has become so dire that there have been cases of murder over water. Is there any way to reverse this dreadful situation or will it become worse in future?

Yet Another Mystery of the Mystic

Pavan, who was overwhelmed with yet another one of our Mystic’s antics, shared with us this experience.

“On reaching Unduvadi, actress Pranitha Subash was supposed to have a conversation with Sadhguru the next morning. Things went as per schedule and after the conversation, when Maa Kanka asked Pranitha if she would like to hop in for a ride, she just said ‘yes’ without hesitation. After begging for a riding jacket from Swami Medinaja and borrowing Maa Nirmuta’s helmet Pranitha was geared for the ride as she jumped behind Ramya akka and rode pillion, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

“When we caught Pranitha to share her experience on the ride she said, ‘I didn't know I would join a rally all of a sudden but somehow the jacket and helmet appeared and the ride happened!’

Later in the evening when we were all sitting together discussing this event, Ramya akka, the rider who Pranitha rode pillion with, mentioned that Sadhguru said on the previous day, that she'd have a pillion rider in the morning!

The mysteries that our Mystic weaves!


Meet Our Motorcyclists - Sathyu


For Sathyu, who has been on bikes since the age of 19, riding is not just his passion but an intoxication. Dismounting from his KTM 390 Duke, after riding along with Sadhguru, he reveals that he also rides on race tracks and dirt tracks but does not compete. Driven by Sadhguru’s question, “Do you want to be a part of the problem or part of the solution?”,  Sathyu jumped into action in whichever way he could for Cauvery Calling, including riding across Karnataka with Sadhguru. 

We caught Sathyu during a break from the long ride, as he turned poet, to pen these lines down…

It was a cloudy morning when I left my home
To join my folks n hit the road
To get away from this rat race
To feel the wind hit my face
Down the memory lane
I'm talking about riding in the rain…

When Sadhguru Noticed His Intensity


“During the last one month of ground publicity, hundreds of drivers acknowledged me and thanked me when I was holding a placard in traffic. But yesterday, something beautiful and unexpected happened.

I was coordinating and waiting for the bike rally at Chalukya Circle, Bengaluru. When I saw the bikes coming toward me, it felt as if the Cauvery within me is shouting for help. I started singing "Nadi Stuti" at the top of my voice. Sadhguru noticed the intensity and acknowledged me with a nod. I was unable to control my emotions, I just shattered and cried for the next ten minutes.

I would like to thank Cauvery Calling for transforming me from a non-willing person to a willing person.” - Gaurav, Cauvery Calling volunteer, Bengaluru

Gearing up for Sadhguru’s arrival on September 11, Tamil Nadu is already in action. We managed to gather a few glimpses of what Tamil Nadu has upto while waiting for the Mystic!

Yesterday, 8 September, volunteers took part in “Nadi Abhiyan” in full force around Tamil Nadu to garner support and donations for Cauvery.

The Southern End

Kanyakumari was brimming with Cauvery Calling as we even had Ganapati Bappa jumping in to support the cause before taking his final plunge.   


At Thamirabarani River, Kuzhithurai, Kanyakumari district our volunteers reached out to 8000 people who showed up for the Vinayaka idol immersion.


Vettumadai Beach, Colachel, another part of Kanyakumari saw our volunteers engaging with 3000 people who showed up for the idol immersion.


Cuddalore volunteers in action in front of Chidambaram Natarajar temple after Uzhavarapani yesterday.



At the Cauvery Bridge in Trichy, our volunteers were found creating awareness with every Amar, Akbar and Anthony. From auto drivers to ice cream sellers, we caught them all!


Our volunteers found this man carrying plants on his bike and made him an impromptu ambassador for Cauvery Calling.


Chennai - Velachery

One of the hot pockets of traffic in Chennai was full for a different reason as our volunteers took to the roads to create awareness about Cauvery Calling. 



Dharmapuri in preparation to receive the Mystic as the first leg of Cauvery Calling is set to begin on the 11th of September from Dharmapuri. Get ready, Get set & Go!


Practicing Kannada on an Uber Driver 

This is the story of a Cauvery Calling volunteer who boldly went out on the Farmers’ Outreach Campaign not knowing a word of Kannada.

“Kannada gothilla was my answer to every question, when I started volunteering for Cauvery Calling. I didn't know Kannada. After meeting hundreds of Kannadiga Raitaru (Kannada farmers), I developed a special bond with them. 

“Farmers of India have a big heart - they are always ready to contribute to a noble cause despite their heartbreaking financial situations. And Isha volunteers are the personification of devotion - yogis in the truest sense. I cannot help but feel immense gratitude towards Isha Foundation and Sadhguru. 

“Now, I'm heading home feeling ecstatic and humbled. On the way, I practiced broken Kannada on an Uber driver. Guess what! By the end of the ride, he was ready to shift to agroforestry!” 

Sadhguru with Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Shri Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, today at UNCCD in Delhi.


The Power of Taxi Drivers 

Here is an inspiring sharing from a taxi driver during the Farmer Outreach Campaign that took place earlier in August, where volunteers visited villages across Karnataka to build momentum for Cauvery Calling…


“My name is Ravi Kumar, and I am from Somawarpet, Madikeri, Kodagu. I am a taxi driver. Someone told us about Cauvery Calling, so eight of us came here to know more about it. After listening to the volunteers, we are keen on spreading the word to the masses.”

Our volunteers got into an engaging conversation with him and other taxi drivers. When asked about his motivation behind joining the awareness drive, Ravi said, “If we taxi drivers join, we can reach out to more people in less time and our efforts will help them.”

His excitement was visible on his face, and his words encouraged the volunteers as well. One volunteer casually asked him what he thinks of agroforestry as a solution. With a keen conviction in his voice, he responded, “Definitely if we get everyone’s support, it will work. I am not a farmer, but after listening to the idea, I am inspired to plant trees.”

Meet Our Motorcyclists - Ariez Tata

“I couldn’t have missed the chance to experience spirituality on 2 wheels,” says Ariez Tata, one of our bikers in Karnataka. “Officially I started riding at 18, but off the record, it started around 12,” he jokes. When questioned about his reason to be part of Cauvery Calling, he believes that this was not only about Cauvery but that the success of this movement can be used as a model to replicate a similar situation all over India and other tropical countries. A crusader for the cause since the moment it was launched, he is also raising funds for Cauvery Calling on a corporate level. He struck a pose with his Triumph Tiger, the machine he rode on, before zipping off to join the team.


12:25pm - Sadhguru is swarmed by the media outside the Plenary Hall!



UNCCD, or the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, was adopted in Paris on 17 June 1994, and was ratified by 196 countries as well as the European Union.

Today in Delhi, around 196 countries and 94 Environment Ministers are taking part in the mega event. Ministers are expected to announce their targets for land restoration and come to a consensus on measures to address the emerging threats of forced migration, sand and dust storms, and come up with actions to strengthen resilience to droughts.

Sadhguru was invited to attend the event in recognition for his valuable work in preventing desertification through revitalization of rivers and increasing green cover - through Rally for Rivers / Cauvery Calling.

11:50am - Sadhguru looks on as Prime Minister Narendra Modi begins his inaugural address.

12:20pm - PM completes his address. Watch a clip of his talk:


11:45am - The MC at UNCCD COP14 in Delhi expressed her gratitude for Sadhguru’s presence in the gathering and made glowing remarks on the work of Rally for Rivers in furthering the cause of UNCCD.


When the Kids Know Best!

Sahasra and Agastya, the brother-sister duo aged 8 and 4 years respectively, have enthusiastically collected donations for 1050 trees. Quite a big number for these tiny tots. When we caught Sahasra off stage at the Bengaluru event to ask her why she wanted to collect money for Cauvery, and she innocently replied, “My mom showed me a video of Cauvery drying up and I felt very sad. That’s why.” Let’s us work towards making Sahasra and Cauvery happy again.


From Pre-School to Press Manager

Lata, who runs a pre-school in Bengaluru, has been busy with coordinating media interactions for Cauvery Calling. Thanks to Lata’s efforts, our volunteers conducted six pre-event press meets in each of the cities in Karnataka where the campaign stopped. “The media was so inspired and connected with this cause that almost all Karnataka media, both print and digital, came to cover all the events since Madikeri. After the Mandya event, about 40 articles were published in different state newspapers!" Here, Lata happily poses for a picture while on one of those million calls that gets the job done.


10:45am - PM Narendra Modi has arrived at the venue at the inaugural session of UNCCD COP14.


10:35am - Sadhguru is seated in the front row, and visible on the live feed on the screen, the Prime Minister lands on his chopper at the venue.


10:15am - Senegalese singer Baaba Maal, who is about to be appointed as UN Peace Ambassador, waits for his fan moment...


...and he gets it! .


Sadhguru with Achim Steiner, the Head of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


9:40am - Sadhguru with delegates from Peru and Nicaragua who sought him out at COP14 in Delhi this morning.


Sadhguru meets Yasmeen Telwala, Associate Program Officer, “Land Degradation Neutrality” Regional Lead for Asia Pacific, UNCCD.


Dr. Pradeep Monga, Deputy Executive Secretary, UNCDD, warmly greets Sadhguru


9:20am - Sadhguru arrives at UNCCD COP14 (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, Conference of Parties) event for the inaugural session by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The theme is “To Combat Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought.”


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