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Day 5 - Cauvery Diaries: Of Motorcycles and a Mystic

Field Stories
07 September, 2019
9:18 AM

After a brief but charged-up rally around Mysuru, Sadhguru took Cauvery Calling to Mandya where it got an electrifying reception yesterday. Now on Day 5, the movement shifts its eyes to the gorgeous Shivanasamudra and the temple town of T Narasipura.

Day 5 - Cauvery Diaries: Of Motorcycles and a Mystic

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Watch: Day 4 Highlights of Cauvery Calling

On Day 4, the bikers started early morning from Mysuru, and enjoyed an intimate Satsang at the iconic Sadhguru Spot at Chamundi Hill. A major event in Mandya was up next and it was heartwarming to see the passionate support from all sections of society. Sadhguru and the bikers then drove on towards Shivanasamudra.

A Volunteer’s Heartfelt Sharing! A Farmer’s Heartbreaking Hope!

“Yesterday, I encountered a man just before the Cauvery Calling event started in Mandya. I was in the Ambedkar auditorium which was filled mostly with recognizable faces who were volunteering for the event. Out of nowhere, an unknown, frail, shriveled man - with white hair, a few white flowers tucked behind his ears, dressed in a white dhoti and kurta - started pacing towards the stage. He had flowers and incense sticks in his hands. He climbed onto the stage and, facing the Cauvery Calling backdrop, started chanting something and performing aarti-like movements with the flowers and incense sticks. All the while, he moved around greeting everyone on the stage with a quick bow of his head. Then he turned around and prostrated in front of the Cauvery Calling stage backdrop.

“I was curious, so I asked around, ‘Who is this fellow?’ I got some shrugs for an answer. So I approached him to find out. He saw me coming and with a stricken expression, he started speaking fervently in his native language, showed me his incense sticks and flowers and was about to go down at my feet! Instinctively, I pulled back! I found a volunteer and asked him about this man.

“The volunteer replied, ‘Akka, he is a farmer. He is expressing his gratitude to us.’ Another volunteer added, ‘He is expressing gratitude to this campaign. Now he has a hope that soon Cauvery will flow again, he and his family can farm again and won't have to struggle for single meal a day. All these volunteers are his hope and he is celebrating his hope in his own way.’


“I looked around and saw this old farmer, with his hunched back, going on bowing down to everyone present in the hall during setup. As he stepped out of the hall, he turned around, looked towards the stage, and once again, bowed down and walked quietly away, leaving behind a trail of his pain and his last hope - which rests on us!”

Catch a glimpse of this amazing man at the end of yesterday’s Highlights video.

6:30pm - Sadhguru just concluded his talk at “Inner Wheel.” He opened his talk by joking that every trick in a woman’s handbook was used to get him to this event!


Sadhguru spoke about how Cauvery Calling is a project that involves the farmer because he holds the maximum amount of land in the country. So if we want to do anything with regards to the land, he explained, we need the farmer’s involvement. However the farmer’s condition is such a terrible state. Sadhguru underlined a stark fact: “Their survival is in such a dire situation that they’re committing suicides in thousands.” He went on to explain that though we may think a farmer is taking this extreme step due to bank loans, but it is not so. He said, “The real thing is the soil has depleted and the water is not available. This is the only reason. There is no rich soil and there is not enough water.” And so a farmer cannot even grow food for himself.

To uplift the farmer, Cauvery Calling is about shifting farmers to agroforestry which is not only profitable for them but will also revive the soil and revitalize the river. He urged everyone to contribute to the cause.


And his call was answered. As the ladies’ group constitutes about 46,000 members, they promised to donate towards 50,000 trees for Cauvery Calling!

This afternoon, the participants gathered a bit of knowledge on the go during their visit to the Channakesava temple at Somanathapura.


Caught on Camera!

We caught the participants trying to capture the beauty of the temple, as a passport to a moment that has otherwise passed.


Speaking about beauty, there are rows and rows of sculptures that have been replicated like a xerox copy, with not even one misplaced inch.


From a different perspective!

No matter from what perspective, the sculptures hold a symmetry that is unparalleled.


The missing piece!

An interesting piece of information about this temple is that there are three temples within the complex, dedicated to Chennakesava, Janardana and Venugopala. But the original Chennakesava idol is missing from its place. What we have now are the idols of Janardhana and Venugopala, merely different forms of the same deity, Lord Vishnu.

Between a rock and a hard place!

We have to admire the skill of the architect and of our photographer as he caught in camera a picture worth a thousand words.


Making memories!

An image of our participants making memories at the Chennakesava Temple!


This morning, just before Sadhguru was leaving for T Narasipura, this local artist presented him with a pencil sketch of SADHGURU. He drew it in just one hour while Sadhguru was sitting and looking at the Shivanasamudura falls.


5:20pm - From Somanathapura, Sadhguru rushed towards Mysuru for the Inner Wheel event, organized by the Ladies Rotary Club. Sadhguru will soon be speaking on the dais.


Why Is Sadhguru Riding a Motorcycle for Cauvery Calling?

Watch this video to find out!

Sadhguru answers a question about the motorcycle he will be riding during the Cauvery Calling campaign. He also explains that Rally for Rivers was purely an awareness campaign to get people’s support to change the national policy. The next step, Cauvery Calling, is a completely different aspect.

Meet Our Motorcyclists - Arjun Raman

This Mumbaikar biker’s association with Cauvery is very deep, and that is what drove him to join Sadhguru on this ride for Cauvery Calling. Arjun Raman spent a large part of his life in Bengaluru before he moved to Mumbai and has so many childhood memories intertwined with Cauvery. Riding bikes for the past 30 years, Arjun now rides Triumph Tiger 800 CC. He is excited to share a picture of him with Sadhguru in a Rally for Rivers event. He says that he is committed to see the movement through till Cauvery flows again…


3:17pm - Sadhguru walked the entire parikrama at Chennakesava temple in Somanathapura. He said, "It is an attempt to replicate the Belur temple, but is not quite the same."


#Sadhguru #CauveryCalling

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History - Chennakesava Temple

The main deity is named Chennakeśava which means "handsome Keshava”. This temple was consecrated by Someya Dandanayaka in 1258 CE. This temple stands tall as a proof of the Hoysala Architecture. This was badly damaged in the 15th century and had taken grants and aids from the Vijayanagara Empire to have them repaired during the 16th century. The major factor that stands out in the sculpture of these temples in the symmetry. It had been built by the well-known architect/sculptor Ruvari Malithamma who was well-known for his expertise in ornamentation.

From Canada to Cauvery


Anannya Sahadev is a 21-year old Nadi Veera with a Bachelors in Environmental Geoscience, who is volunteering for Cauvery Calling. She shares how she became part of Rally for Rivers.

“I was born and raised in Bangalore until I was 12 years old, after which my family moved to Toronto, Canada. I maintained a strong connection with nature, spending a lot of my time outdoors, on camping trips, hikes and biking on nature trails. I chose to study geology due to my passion for the environment. Upon hearing about “Rally for Rivers” and the crisis my country was facing, I wanted to be a part of the solution and came to join the Rally for Rivers team as soon as I could.

“When I heard Sadhguru talking about the rivers that have nurtured us for millennia and how we have destroyed them in a matter of a few years, everything in me wanted to come and help revive them.”

Watch: Sadhguru's King Cobra Encounter - Featuring Rakshit Shetty and Diganth

Sadhguru recalls days as an adventurous youth in Mysuru and his close encounter with a King Cobra, which of course he wanted to catch!

Discussing the new generation's indifference to being outdoors, Sadhguru describes the huge impact that immersing oneself in nature can have on a person.

Watch: Cauvery Calling Day 3 Highlights

The Motorcade makes its way from Hunsur towards Mysuru (the birthplace of a certain Mystic whom you may be familiar with!). Sometimes Sadhguru stops just to spend time at the banks of Cauvery and drink the water, while on other occasions they slow down to acknowledge cheering bystanders who show their support by waving Cauvery Calling banners. Wherever they go, the atmosphere is electric!

As we wait for more updates, stay updated with some key videos from the campaign.

Watch: Sadhguru's Appeal To Mysuru's Citizens

Sadhguru reminisces about his Mysuru days, fondly recalling the beauty and charm of this cozy little city, and beseeches the citizens and lawmakers of Mysuru to bring back the aesthetics of the city.

Farmer Mallikarjuna - Agroforestry Pioneer


The Farmer Outreach Campaign of Cauvery Calling reached T Narasipura last month. A proud farmer, owner of a farm that looks like a dense forest, shared his experience of doing agroforestry with our volunteers.

Eight years ago, with 15 acres of land, Mallikarjuna switched to agroforestry. There was a severe lack of water for irrigation, and he had to take this step abruptly. But now he is glad he took it at the right time.

His income increased by around 60%, and currently he can earn Rs. 1.4 lakhs per acre from coffee plants alone. Coffee plants are worth Rs. 5 lakhs per acre, and their value will double in the coming four years.

His efforts and his readiness to make this change inspired eight more families in his neighborhood. Their collective efforts converted approximately 100 acres of land into agroforestry. “The most amazing part is that the soil fertility has increased like anything! I am so glad I took to agroforestry.”

Make a Wish for Cauvery

From T Narasipura, Cauvery Calling will move on to Bengaluru. Many Rally for Rivers volunteers, or Nadi Veeras, hail from this city. 

Here is a sharing from Kamakshi, age 33 years, with a Bachelors in Computer Application, who has dedicated three years full time to save India’s rivers.


“I saw Cauvery back in the 1990s when we used to travel from Bengaluru to Mysuru, regularly, by train. There is a belief that we need to drop a coin or a small piece of gold into the river to make your wish come true. 

“I used to wait eagerly to drop a coin from the window of our moving train into the river. There was such a romance to this moment. It used to give me great joy to watch her flow. 
I was asked to stand in the human formation of India’s map during the Guru Purnima celebrations at the Isha Yoga Center in 2017, at the launch of Rally for Rivers. I felt privileged to be a part of this map. 

“I then heard the Nadi Stuti for the first time ever! It struck such a deep chord in me that I decided to be a part of whatever this was going to be. And so I am now a Nadi Veera.” 

2:00pm - The trustees of a local temple offer a full course traditional Mysuru meal to Sadhguru and the entire convoy of Cauvery Calling in a chaultry.



The Joy of Sitting Beneath a Tree


This village lady sitting under a tree at T Narasipura...isn’t it such a natural and heart-warming sight? What a joy it is to simply sit under a tree. No agendas...just watch the cattle, the people, the bullock carts and the occasional vehicle passing by. Let’s make sure there are always enough trees so we can all enjoy this experience.

Cauvery Calling is supporting farmers to plant 242 crore trees in the Cauvery basin. Join the movement!

Dakshin Kashi - T. Narasipura

Tirumakudalu Narasipura, the temple town of Mysuru district, has always been a place of uninhibited human habitation as evidenced by archaeological evidence. From the neolithic times, Cauvery flowed into the lands to keep them fertile, while civilizations flourished.

Tirumakudalu or Sangama literally translates to "confluence of three rivers," namely Cauvery, Kabini and Spatika Sarovara (a mythical spring). The name “Dakshin Kashi” (Kashi of the South) The sacredness of this place is reflected in the fact that it is called “Dakshin Kashi” (Kashi of the South).


12:06pm - Sadhguru and the participants in the lap of Cauvery as her waters surround them all at T Narasipura. They are in a satsang at the Triveni Sangam of Rivers Cauvery and Kabini and Spatika Sarovara (a mythical spring that is also known as Gupta Gamini).


Sadhguru mentioned in the satsang that this place is very sacred, though it hasn't found a prominent place on the tourism map. 


Sadhguru explains in geographical terms, it is easier to revitalize Cauvery as compared to other rivers in India. This will set an example to revitalize the other rivers. The participants want to know how they can garner support for Cauvery Calling from other countries. Sadhguru talks about creating crowdfunding pages. See how you can donate or become a fundraiser at cauverycalling.org.

11:43am - Sadhguru has arrived at the temple town of Tirumakudalu  Narasipura (T Narasipura).




"I am a follower of Sadhguru. I like his mind-blowing talks. We need such words today," says Murali, a resident of T Narasipura who the volunteers encountered.


The Elderly Remember Cauvery

Yesterday, hungry for a full meal, a bunch of our volunteers stopped at Maddur Tiffany, a small shop on the way from Mandya. On their way out, they met 73-year-old Somasekara Ajja, the hotel’s supervisor for the past 20 years, who stopped them to talk about Cauvery Calling. "My wishes for Calling Cauvery," he said. Our volunteers corrected him, "Ajja, it is Cauvery Calling." He replied, “Whichever way you say it, it is about saving Cauvery. I know about it,” and he wished Sadhguru success in this endeavor before letting us know of his yearning to see Cauvery flow she used to.


Age Is Just A Number!

Come hell or high water, 80-year old Nagalakshmi is committed to making Cauvery flow like it once had in her youth. She was sick and yet was found standing with placards on the road, in Poonamallee, Chennai, along with volunteers, gathering support for Cauvery Calling.


It is the thirst of our old people to see Cauvery flourish once more.

Lore and Legend - Shivanasamudra

Shivanasamudra literally means “Shiva’s Sea”. Legend says that once upon a time, a demon obstructed the flow of Cauvery in the form of a colossal boulder. When Shiva destroyed the demon, the river suddenly flowed forth like the sea, earning the name “Shivanasamudra”. 

The river island town of Shivanasamudra divides Cauvery river into two parts, creating the Gaganachukki and Barachukki Falls (collectively known as Shivanasamudra Falls). These gorgeous, twin waterfalls are the second largest in India.


10:54am - On the way out of Shivanasamudra, Sadhguru is intercepted by the local people on the road. They honor him with a shawl.


10:00am - Sadhguru has a walk-and-talk session with Kannada actor Vijay Raghavendra. His family doesn’t miss the chance to take a photo.


9:57am - Participants finally get an opportunity to take a photo with Sadhguru against the spectacular backdrop of Shiva’s Sea - the Shivanasamudra Waterfalls.


9:43am - Volunteers are ushering the participants that it is time to go! But they are being duly ignored, because who would want to leave this charming place?

Instead, participants are happy to linger around and share their experiences of being on this yatra with Sadhguru…


Lindsey from USA shares: “Being in India with Sadhguru, I now understand why this campaign is so important to him. We are now at Shiva's Sea (Shivanasamudra Falls), and I am watching water burst over the cliffs. I am just in awe of the beauty. I hope that everyone will have the opportunity to experience rivers, lakes and of course, waterfalls, and that these sacred water bodies are accessible for our children.


Mimi from Hong Kong: “It’s my first time spending consecutive days with Sadhguru like this. I get to see him every single day! This experience is beyond words.”.


Hanine, first of her name, coordinator of Chamundi Sacred Walks, guardian of the baggage!

Croatia Answers Cauvery’s Call

“This journey with Sadhguru left me completely speechless. Whatever I say cannot paint the picture of how I feel throughout this journey,” says Hrvoje from Croatia, a participant in the historical movement that is Cauvery Calling.


8:30am - Can you believe it! Participants are enjoying the world's best breakfast: idlies and upma, Isha salads and soaked groundnuts in the backdrop of hypnotizing waterfalls






This windy morning, we improvise on how to secure our plates.


7:30am - The participants have the opportunity to get a group photo at this mesmerizing place.


Darshan of the Guru at Shivanasamudra

6:30am - After a 6:00am wake-up call, all the participants settled in for Guru Pooja.




One of the volunteers chose a spot from where she could have a clear view of Sadhguru’s framed photo (which was set up for Guru Pooja), with participants meditating against the backdrop of the waterfalls. As she was preparing to bring a photographer to capture the scene, she told him, “See, from here you can see the waterfalls, the meditators, and Sadh…?” Before she could complete her sentence, lo and behold! Sadhguru had appeared at the spot!

See the breathtaking images below, couldn’t have been a more beautiful morning than this!

Sadhguru shared that he had visited this place 27 years ago.



Catch up on some more scenes from yesterday:

10:00pm - The day ended with a powerful satsang with Sadhguru. He was in conversation with Kannada actress Hariprriya.


What Sadhguru spoke in the satsang had a lasting impact on Genevieve, a participant from the US: “One statement that stood out for me was Sadhguru’s words on trees and how they communicate with each other. When one is attacked, it sends messages to the others so they can protect themselves. What a great lesson for human beings to learn. This has instilled in me even more reverence and love for our dear Mother Earth. This is why I make a commitment to support the Cauvery Calling campaign for the next 12 years!”

The Roar of Shivanasamudra

8:30 pm - The bikers reached Shivanasamudra, which had a roar of it own - the sound of gushing waterfalls. In the darkness, upon a close look, only a silver line of mist was visible which they guessed must be the falls. Everyone walked about 1 km to the campsite to the dinner that had been lined up. The kitchen volunteers had left from Mysuru in the afternoon to reach here well before the rest of the group, to ensure that all are well fed. One volunteer shares, “This night they pampered us with piping hot, straight-out-of-the-oil, pooris!”


7:15 pm - On the way from Mandya to Shivanasamudra, Sadhguru was stopped by a sadhu and his two disciples. They did a small pooja for Sadhguru and offered him a shawl. He seemed overwhelmed and profusely thanked and blessed Sadhguru for taking up this cause.

A volunteer narrates the incident: “One of the sadhu’s disciples stopped Sadhguru with open arms in front of his bike on the road. The sadhu and his other two disciples rushed towards Sadhguru as soon as he stopped. One held an umbrella over Sadhguru to shelter him from the rain. The sadhu adorned Sadhguru with a flower mala and draped an orange shawl around him. He alternated between patting Sadhguru on the back and standing with folded hands. Though I could not understand, he obviously spoke very passionately, like he was in admiration of Sadhguru.”


Generation Z at Mandya

6:45pm - Sadhguru left Mandya. It was only with the help of a human chain of volunteers that he could manage to get out of the thick and enthusiastic crowd who were dying to see him.

6:25pm - A volunteer shares after the Mandya event:

“As we were waiting for Sadhguru to come outside the venue after the event, I was intrigued to see many young girls and boys eagerly waiting to get a glimpse of the Mystic. While sitting on my bike with a helmet covering my face, I still managed to have a short revealing conversation with a few of them.

Three girls - Parineetha, Vishakha and Varsha - who are all between 18-20 years old, have been following Sadhguru online for the last 5-7 years. ‘We love Sadhguru,’ Varsha said and enquired how she can volunteer for Isha.

Kirtika, on the other hand, only heard of Sadhguru that morning, but she was desperately waiting to take his photo. I asked her why this sudden interest and she said, ‘I really wanted to come and see this great being who is going from town to town save our river.’

Tejas, who looked to be around 14-15 years old, was determined to take a video of Sadhguru, hoping he would pass by him. I asked him, ‘Why do you want to take his video? How do you know him?’ After a pause, he requested me to speak in Kannada. I took the help of Kirtika and posed the question again. ‘Cauvery Koogu!’ was his only reply. And how did he hear about Cauvery Koogu? ‘From his rally in Mysuru,’ he said, his eyes still fixed at the venue entrance so he doesn't miss Sadhguru coming out.

While I was chatting with the youth, one very old man was trying to wade through the crowd to the front so he could see Sadhguru. ‘What's your name?’ He murmured something so softly I couldn’t catch it. But then all around him shouted his name: Chinappa! He had two blue Cauvery Calling placards, on the back of which he had scribbled down what Sadhguru spoke during the event. I asked him to please give it to me so we could post it online. He reluctantly showed me, but refused to give it: ‘No, no, this is for me. I want to read it again,’ he said.

Unfortunately, our phones were out of battery, otherwise we would have surely shared the photos!

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