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What Happens When A Farmer Becomes Poetic! On the Farmers' Trail of Cauvery Calling

Human Impact Stories
19 August, 2019
4:08 PM

Here’s the interesting message that farmer Vanambadi wants to share with all the farmers of Tamil Nadu. You don’t want to miss his poetic flair!


On July 31, 2019, Sadhguru flagged off the Farmers’ Outreach Campaign - a game changer aspect of Cauvery Calling. Under this campaign 28 trucks along with hundreds of volunteers are driving towards various districts in the two states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, to meet thousands of farmers and educate them about the profitable benefits of agroforestry. But more than that, the volunteers also are getting a glimpse into the heart-breaking reality of farmers’ lives.

Here is an opportunity to virtually experience the profoundness and joy of our volunteers. Stay with us, On the Farmers' Trail.

On the 14th day of the Farmers’ Outreach campaign of Cauvery Calling, Isha volunteers had the fortune of meeting Vanambadi Punniyamruthi. Vanambadi took to poetry and quoted saints of his land to cite the importance of agroforestry and appreciate the efforts of the volunteers. He also wishes to send his message to all the farmers of Tamil Nadu.

Here is the interesting message that Vanambadi read out in a poetic tone. You surely don’t want to miss reading it.

Namaskaram to all,

“To emphasize the importance of growing trees in Tamil Nadu, hundreds of Isha volunteers are camping here with the banners of Cauvery Cookural. This is funny because it’s like persuading a singer to sing or a Tamilian to speak in Tamil. Tamilians are known for generations, for their traditional afforestation effort. But, because of the recent ignorance and precarious ways of living, entire forests have been destroyed. Tamil Nadu has been the land of sacred groves, of ancient wisdom about soil, and of great saints walking its length and breadth, such as Thiruvalluvar.

“It is really painful to see our farmers in this forsaken condition, with scanty monsoons, depleting groundwater and rivers drying up most of the year. To solve these issues, Isha volunteers are suggesting to us to shift from the current water-intensive crops to agroforestry. What they are saying will help us, provided we take proper care of the trees. Valluvar (the celebrated Tamil poet and philosopher) said: If a farmer does not pay attention to the plants he grows, there will be instability in his family. It is my humble request as a volunteer, to every farmer: please follow the suggestions these volunteers are giving, and transit from conventional farming to agroforestry immediately, and reap the benefits.

Valluvar also said, “Neerindri amayathu ulagil!” This means the world cannot survive without water. The unscrupulous cutting of trees has depleted the condition of our soil and its water-retaining properties and has led us towards poverty. It is time we change this for our farmers; it is time our farmers take their economic and ecological wellbeing into their own hands and become successful.”

Nandri, Vanakkam,
Yours always,
Vanambadi Punniyamurthi

Editor’s Note: Anyone can support Cauvery Calling. Here are a few ways to get involved:

Contribute Rs. 42 per sapling


Start a crowdfunding page

Connect to the farmers of Cauvery basin. Stay Tuned!

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