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Ace Alumni: Toppers at studies, jobs and caring for their families

Human Impact Stories
11 June, 2021
3:32 PM

Isha Vidhya alumni are proving their mettle in varied professional fields and also in managing multiple responsibilities at a rather tender age. Read on to know more about the resourceful Isha Vidhya alumni who are now making their mark professionally, and playing a larger role at home by supporting their families financially.

Isha Vidhya

Sixty-four percent of Isha Vidhya students study on scholarships and complete their school education thanks to the support and benevolence of donors. It's very gratifying to see these students grow and become capable enough to extend financial support to their families soon after leaving school.

Schooling is a privilege for a majority of our students who come from underprivileged backgrounds. It’s quite heartening to read stories about these resourceful Isha Vidhya alumni who are now employed, making their mark professionally, and playing a larger role at home.


Aspiring for a dream job at Adobe or Google


Kirthiv joined Isha Vidhya Vanavasi in class 8 on a scholarship and did well in his studies. Kirthiv’s father is a photographer and his mother is a teacher. Due to a financial crisis in the family, he had to take up a job soon after finishing school and is now doing an internship at Tinkerkraft – a company working on Artificial Intelligence – in a few programming languages such as Python and Javascript. His monthly salary is Rs 15,000 which helps him contribute to his family’s expenses.

He secured this job after doing a year-long course in computer software at NavGurukul – a non-profit organization that provides software training to young people from financially weak backgrounds.

Kirthiv says that what he loved about Isha Vidhya was the learning based on activities, and Yoga which helped him feel refreshed and healthy in body and mind. He attributes his learning and journey this far to the inspiration and motivation of his teachers.

He’s determined to resume academics soon and work at Google or Adobe in the future.


A first-generation school-goer works at CEAT Tyres

Induja T. works in the production department of CEAT Tyres Pvt. Ltd. She got the job after completing a 2-year Diploma course in Electrical and Communication Engineering from a Government Polytechnic College. With help of her monthly salary of Rs 12,000, she is now able to shoulder her domestic financial responsibility with her father, who is an illiterate farmer.

She joined Isha Vidhya Tuticorin in class 4 on a scholarship and did well in studies as well as in sports – she won prizes in running, shot put and throwball. She feels blessed for the encouragement and support that her teachers gave her at Isha Vidhya.

Soon after completing schooling Induja had to quickly take up a job to help manage the financial crisis of her family. But, she has not given up on her dream. She aims to resume her studies soon, and pursue higher studies in computer science.


Full-time employee, part-time student

Paranthaman works at Social Labs as a backend developer and earns Rs 20,000 a month even as he is studying in the first year of BCA. Much like Induja and Kirthiv, Paranthaman too had to take up the job rather urgently because of his family’s financial condition.

He had joined Isha Vidhya Villupuram in class 5 on a scholarship and right from day 1 he was a studious boy. After passing class 12, he joined NavGurukul for a year-long course in computer software.

Paranthaman was also keen on sports and had won the 400 m relay at the zonal level. He says that his teachers, who were wonderful, impartial mentors and very encouraging, have shaped him into who he is now.

Paranthaman plans to pursue higher studies and reach greater heights in his chosen field.


Happy to be financially independent

After completing class 12 with a score of 75%, Subramaniam joined NavGurukul for a year-long course in software engineering, which he was very keen to pursue. He now works in a software firm in Kerala and is earning well.

The transition from student to professional has been a joyous one for Subramaniam. He says he’s happy to be earning at such a young age and feels economically independent.

Subramaniam had joined Isha Vidhya Nagercoil on a scholarship in class 2. The son of a carpenter, he sailed through school with ease. He says he has come this far because Isha Vidhya gave him ample opportunities to develop himself, acquire new skills, and helped him choose his career path.


Sowing Seeds for a Greener Planet


Shanthan works as an afforestation supervisor at NLC – a company that generates electricity using fossil fuels. Despite receiving a 96% on his diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Swamy Abedhanandha Polytechnic College, Thiruvannamala, he chose to take this job because he wants to be a tool to promote afforestation rather than relying on NGOs alone to improve the environment.

The seeds were sown for his chosen path at his alma mater, Isha Vidhya Cuddalore, where Shanthan was involved in the growing of saplings for Project GreenHands, an Isha Outreach environment initiative.

He says, “Our school teachers were like friends who were concerned about our development. Our teachers are the ones who celebrate in our triumphs. Not only did we have to study well, but they were determined that we should be good human beings for the community.”


Inspired by Sundar Pichai

Praveen Kumar works at Aaseya IT service – a company that specializes in Digital Transformation, after completing his Electrical & Computer Engineering from Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Erode. Inspired by Sundar Pichai, he wants to acquire more knowledge in this field and be a leading IT programmer.

Praveen Kumar is a first-generation school-goer who scored 96% in Class 10 at Isha Vidhya Salem and an equally excellent CGPA of 8.01/10 in his final year of college. He says that Isha Vidhya's teaching methodology inspired him to study intently and do well academically.

He says that the transition from studying to working was easy becausehe was encouraged to interact in English with his teachers and fellow students at Isha Vidhya. This was very helpful later on as he didn't feel shy to communicate and bond well with both his college mates and his colleagues.


Correcting Vision


Nilesh set up an optician's shop after completing Class 10 from Isha Vidhya, Nagercoil. Although he did well in his studies – he scored 93%, he was more inclined to set up his business instead of pursuing higher studies. But before taking the plunge, Nilesh interned with his father, who runs a car accessories business, and also worked at an optician's shop where his father worked in order to learn the ropes of the game.

Nilesh is a first-generation school-goer who studied on a scholarship. He credits his teachers with inspiring him to study well and constantly motivating him to pursue his career. He says Isha Vidhya shaped his character and taught him patience.

He feels content to be earning and being independent, and aspires to set up a chain of optician's shops across India.


Goal Post

Velam landed a job at India Post based on her excellent Class 10 score of 96%. She is currently working as a Dak Sevak (postal officer) and aspires to rise to a higher post in the future.

Velam scored 91% in Class 12 at Isha Vidhya Nagercoil and studied B.Sc. Math at Pioneer Kumaraswamy College, Nagercoil, but she grabbed the India Post job for the stability a government job provides. This means a lot to her considering that her father runs the house with his earnings as an auto driver.

Velam acknowledges the vital role her Isha Vidhya teachers played both academically as well as in preparing her to face any challenge.

She is pleased to have this secure job and being in a position to support her family financially.


Computing on

Bhavadharni works as a support executive in TCS's Citibank project. She was hired on campus at Sri Krishna Adithya College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore, where she had completed her B.Sc. Computer Science out of her eagerness to gain more knowledge about computer technology. Bhavadharni says, “My journey as an employee is different from what it was at Isha Vidhya Coimbatore – I feel more responsible now, working in an MNC.

But the things I learned at Isha Vidhya, like discipline, punctuality, and speaking in English, help me immensely now.” She loves her job which gives her an opportunity to interact with people.

Bhavadharni says that her teachers played a major role in motivating her to study well and instilling confidence in her to make sound decisions in life.


Analyzing Processes

Madhan Praveen is a Programmer Trainee at Cognizant – he landed the job through college placement. He scored 73% in the final year of his B.Sc. at Kongu Arts and Science College, Erode, keeping up with his excellent school scores of 97% in Class 10 and 90% in Class 12.

Madhan studied at Isha Vidhya, Erode, from Class 6 and says that the support that his teachers gave helped him do well academically as well as in extracurricular activities – something he continues to do as a member of NCC (National Cadet Corps).

He goes on to say that the basic skills that he learned at Isha Vidhya help him even today. His alma mater helped him become more confident and embrace any work that comes his way.

Madhan wants to improve his networking abilities and gain new skills at work.

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