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Celebrating Learning

The Isha Way
13 May, 2019
2:07 PM

What’s the best way to learn? As a celebration of course!

Celebrating Learning

It is a proven fact that children retain knowledge longer when it is imparted in a stress-free, enriching environment. So, why shouldn’t schools be a place for celebration as well as temples of learning?

Isha Vidhya schools constantly strive to make learning a fun activity for our students. So we set up days of celebration to teach the children about shapes, colors and fruits.

On Shapes Day for instance, the classrooms are decorated with objects of various shapes. The teachers come up with innovative designs that explained shapes to students in fun way. The children became aware of the shapes in their daily life, in everyday objects. The students brought household objects from their homes which were then grouped according to shape.

Colors Day was celebrated differently in each of the Isha Vidhya schools. Some schools asked children to dress up in different colored outfits for a couple of days while others created colored caps for kindergarten students. Everyday objects were once again used to explain various colors leading to easy assimilation of knowledge.

Learning the names of fruits was a delightful activity in IVMS Nagercoil. Caps with pictures of fruits were distributed among the students and they were taught songs on fruits. Interestingly, the teachers at the school learnt something new as well – they discovered that the fruit from the palm tree is called ice apple!

Do you have suggestions on how to convert a topic into a celebratory event? Share your thoughts in the comment space. We are always looking for feasible ideas.

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