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Give India and Global Giving Accredit Isha Vidhya

Awards and Recognitions
08 May, 2019
3:06 PM

Some exciting and wonderful news from the Isha Vidhya volunteers this week. Isha Vidhya has been accredited by Give India and Global Giving, two highly respected donation platforms!

Give India and Global Giving Accredit Isha Vidhya

The most important question in the mind of most donors is “How do I ensure that the organization I am donating to will use the funds efficiently and wisely.” Donation platforms like Give India and Global Giving have recognized this need and thus conduct a very exhaustive due diligence process before accrediting organizations for their platform. Isha Vidhya has recently received accreditation by Give India and is in the final stage of receiving it from Global Giving.

Isha Vidhya has always been very transparent and organized about its work process but it always helps to be accredited by respected organizations. The process of accreditation unfolded over a period of one year and required the submission of detailed information about the organization, audited financial records, information about key personnel, and policies & information about practices followed in Isha Vidhya schools. Members of Give India visited the schools to verify the information. They also met the Project Head, Head of accounts, Head of human resources, the school principals and administrators.

The accreditation will help Isha Vidhya connect new donors, institutions and corporates to underprivileged rural children in need of high-quality education. Additionally, Isha Vidhya well-wishers will find it much easier to invite their friends, colleagues and corporate HR teams to get involved and donate to Isha Vidhya.


Currently, among 4050 children in 8 Isha Vidhya schools, over 2000 students are waiting for academic sponsorship to be renewed while 2700 students are waiting for a mid-day meal sponsorship. These students have already started down the path of education thanks to generous donors, but require continuing support to carry on with their studies. Mid-day meals are crucial for these students as their parents are often unable to afford a really nutritious meal.

Isha Vidhya has to raise $5000 during the Global Giving’s Fundraising campaign 2013 to complete accreditation. If you would like to participate in educating rural India and give these children a bright future, join hands with Isha Vidhya. If you would like more information, references or support about Isha Vidhya’s presence on either of these two platforms, send an email to give.india@ishavidhya.org (for Give India) and global.giving@ishavidhya.org (Global Giving).

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