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Ingenious Classes

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05 April, 2023
10:42 AM

Since most of Isha Vidhya’s students come from homes where the parents are not educated enough to tutor their children, the schools have devised various teaching methods through which learning is accomplished in the classroom itself. Read on to find out more about these innovative methods as well as how students complement their in-class learning with practical experiences outside the classroom.

Isha Vidhya Students on interactive sessions - Ingenious Classes

Most of our students depend solely on their school teachers to help them in their studies as their parents are not educated enough to tutor them at home. So, it is vital that learning happens and is reinforced in the class itself.

Read about some of the diverse teaching methods we have devised to help our students overcome various learning issues, comprehend new lessons with ease, and look forward to reaching their goals.


Lightning Classes

All students do not grasp new lessons at the same pace. So, we have devised Lightning Classes that are conducted concurrently with the regular class for students of classes 1-8 who need extra support in English, Tamil, and math. We use our own learning materials, workbooks, and manuals in these classes.

Hemalatha struggled to read and write in English and calculate math problems in class 5. Now in class 9, she can read quickly with proper pronunciations, her handwriting has improved, and she scores above average in math.


Media Literacy

Media Literacy is Isha Vidhya’s addition to the curriculum to help students make sense of and discern digital media communication. It helps them learn to analyze information, consciously choose how to respond to it, and use media to create and make a positive difference in the world.

Sahana of Isha Vidhya Karur says that she is now more in control of how ads on TV and in the newspapers influence her and is more careful about not sharing personal information on social media.


Financial Literacy

This ‘out-of-syllabus’ offering to our class 11 students covers the essentials to manage their finances like saving, spending, borrowing, investing, and financial planning. All learning is activity-based, through discussions, and linked to the experiences of the students and their families. Surusthika, a scholarship student at Isha Vidhya Tuticorin, says she has learned not to be swayed by peer or ad influences, spends money carefully now, and can understand her family’s financial situation better.


Interactive English Classes

We have developed our own interactive content to support students from classes KG – 8 with learning. It includes stories with questions to aid discussions, oration, debates, interactive PPTs, activities, and games linked to newly-learned vocabulary and grammar concepts that will help reinforce the new lessons they learn.

Dhivyadharshini of Isha Vidhya Salem says she can now think and write innovatively, without grammatical errors, and speak fluently in English. She no longer panics when she has to talk in English and is confident enough to participate in debates.


NDA-JEE Classes

Isha Vidhya volunteers coach students online for about an hour after school to prepare them for National Defence Academy (NDA), the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), and the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). The teachers assess students regularly, and the results are analyzed and discussed to help them improve.

Abijesh of Isha Vidhya Nagercoil aspires to pursue software engineering at IIT and says the JEE class teachers make learning easy because of their lucid teaching methods. He is also grateful for their invaluable tips on each topic.


Learning Outside the Classroom

Besides all syllabus-led learning within the classroom, our students also learn to care for the environment. They tend to the kitchen garden where vegetables are grown for the school kitchen and grow saplings for Rally for Rivers, Isha Foundation’s environment initiative. They have also campaigned to create awareness about the Save Soil movement within their community.

Dincy Priya of Apollo Isha Vidhya Argonda says she learned much more about soil and the fundamentals of agriculture in the kitchen garden activity than in science class.

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