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Isha Vidhya Makes Learning a Joyful Experience

The Isha Way
13 October, 2021
12:53 PM

Isha Vidhya exemplifies how academic innovations and fun-filled learning have the power to transform schools into hubs of creativity and innovation. Read on to know more about some very interesting sessions from the large number of creative activities that allow our students learn and have fun too. A string of innovations has helped us keep the students joyful and abreast with their studies, even during the lockdown.

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Learning something new is a joy indeed, and Isha Vidhya exemplifies how academic innovations and fun-filled learning have the power to transform schools into hubs of creativity and innovation. Here, students give shape to their dreams, achieve academic brilliance, and add vibrant colors of success to their lives.

The fun at Isha Vidhya never died down, even when the pandemic lockdown came into effect. While our students had to remain within the confines of their homes, their inspired teachers left no stone unturned to ensure that the students had a smooth transition into online classes by coming up with a academic innovations that helped us keep the students joyful and abreast with their studies.


Giving Shape To Dreams

Shapes Day marks the beginning of the learning curve for the youngest pupils of our schools. Looks of wide-eyed awe and intrigue are visible on the faces of kindergarten students as we tell them about the world of shapes around them.

To guide the young ones through this lesson, the teachers prepare different cut-outs and help them identify all the shapes that they encounter daily. The students are asked to look for everyday items at home to ensure their involvement in this fun-filled exercise.

The Shapes Day allows the students to unleash their creativity, while making different shapes using ice cream sticks, pebbles, clay, and paper at the “Shapes Puzzle” session.


Colors Of Life

Students transform Isha Vidhya school campuses into vividly bright zones on Colors Day. This used to be one of the most popular events on our annual calendar before the lockdown. The event teaches our kindergarten students how colors enhance and influence our lives.

On this day, each class is first allocated a specific color which the students use to decorate their classrooms in their unique styles. The school campuses also don a colorful look as students and teachers wear clothes matching with their class color. To learn how to identify and differentiate between colors, the students are encouraged to bring toys, fruits, vegetables, leaves, flowers, and household items for this activity session.

The colorful session gets a musical touch when the students sing songs and recite rhymes on colors, and examine all the different colors they can spot in their immediate surroundings.


A Day At The Beach

Every year, for one day, our classroom shifts to the beach for a day full of fun and learning. Our students and their teachers head out to the Madavapallam beach, located just 500 meters from the Isha Vidhya Cuddalore school for a refreshing session of exploration, adventure, and learning.

Kindergarten students of Isha Vidhya Cuddalore who go to the Madavapallam beach look forward to this day of discovery and playfulness with eagerness. Under the watchful eyes of our teachers, they explore the beach, collect shells, build sand mounds, and play games. The teachers reinforce color and texture lessons by asking students about the color of the sea, shells, sand, etc. Once regular classes resume, we hope to bring this fun-filled day back into our schedule.


Staying Rooted on Birthdays

Birthdays at Isha Vidhya Argonda are celebrated with a unique tradition – planting a sapling. This marks the start of a long-term relationship, as the sapling grows under the tender care and attention of the student. This relationship continues as long as the student is in school. The deep bond that they develop, watching the sapling become a tree, flower, bear fruits, and give shade, is something that makes them come much closer to nature. This experience helps the students feel responsible like parents for the trees.


Family Day 

To help young students shed their shyness and open up to their school surroundings and teachers, Family Day is conducted at our schools. Parents of kindergarten students are invited to celebrate the day which also gives the teachers an opportunity to become more familiar with their new students and their families.

Celebrations begin with the tiny tots introducing their parents and thereafter, the parents talk fondly about their children for a bit. The teachers use this occasion to make the young students understand the concept of a big and small family.

After all the talk, it’s time for some interesting games like blowing and bursting of balloons, a piggyback race where fathers and mothers carry their child on their backs, etc. Family Day works as a fun event and an ice-breaker for all.


Students Cherish Their Grandparents

The influence grandparents have on their grandchildren is profound, leaving behind a legacy that their grandchildren will value for the rest of their lives.

Grandparents Day is celebrated to strengthen this unique bond by felicitating the grandparents and welcoming them with a song and dance performance. The grandparents receive presents and handmade cards from their grandchildren.

The highlights of the day are the games, which are carefully picked to invoke nostalgia among the grandparents, making them relive their childhood.

Each year, joyful smiles and moist eyes of the senior family members, overwhelmed with the honor and attention showered on them, mark the success of the event.


Homemade Clay Art

Recently, the Class 1 students of Isha Vidhya Cuddalore had an exciting online session with their innovative arts and crafts teacher – they crafted butterflies with homemade clay.

The teacher first taught her little students how to make the clay with flour, salt, water, and oil – all easily available at home – instead of using expensive manufactured playdough/clay. They used blue ink, red chili powder, and turmeric to color their beautiful, winged creations.


Clay Aquarium

The art and craft teacher at Isha Vidhya Karur recently shared a video with her Class 7 students, who are still studying from home, on how to use homemade clay to make an aquarium.

They used mud, turmeric, ink, and kumkum to color their creations. One student shared that although preparing the clay from the mud was hard work, it was more interesting than drawing pictures. She now wants to create a clay horse. Such activities help students explore new media to express their creativity.


The Train Game

“The Train Game” is conducted for kindergarten students to help the little ones develop balance and perfect equilibrium, as well as strengthen their control over body movements.

The students walk in a line to form a train, always equidistant to each other, chugging along to fun music. Teachers introduce hand movements to keep things interesting and to ensure that the kids have a good time.



Isha Vidhya’s class 7 students showed that they possess wisdom beyond their years in a brochure-making workshop during the last school term. From research and layout design to planning, they exuded professionalism and of course, didn’t forget to have fun.


Bubbling Over with Soap-Making Joy

Our Isha Vidhya students bubbled over with joy and excitement when they tried their hands at a soap-making workshop just before the lockdown. As part of their discovery classes, the Class 6 students got into the soap-making fun and did various experiments by making them from scratch.

Organdy Flowers


By learning the nitty-gritty of handling fragile organdy cloth, Class 7 Isha Vidhya students crafted delicate blossoms in art and craft classes before the lockdown.

They thoroughly enjoyed exploring the use of diverse materials like paper, beads, and plastic wires with organdy cloth to create vibrant and gorgeous bouquets.

Besides academic subjects, our holistic education involves valuing beauty, sensitivity and being comfortable with delicate objects.

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