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This ship sails their dreams - Scholarship

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02 April, 2021
5:11 PM

These young gems, having faced more than their fair share of trials and tribulations, do not stop from aiming high. Armed with Isha Vidhya scholarships they are surging forward and scoring big to fulfill their dreams.

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“I love my school - everyone and everything is special to me here.”

Isha Vidhya-Coimbatore
Topper of Class 12


Saranya’s humble background of being the daughter of a daily wage earner did not stop her from dreaming big. Her Isha Vidhya scholarship, her good grades and her willing attitude, all propelled her towards her goals. She would like to see her father’s dream come true when she gets her first job.

Her class 10 score was 88.6% and her Class 12 score climbed to 93.3%, the highest to be scored at all of the Isha Vidhya campuses. Her top favorites are Accounts and Commerce and she would like to delve into commerce in college, understanding more about trade and business.

She attributes her consistent performance to the steady support from her teachers.

“Isha Vidhya has molded me into who I am”, says a grateful Saranya. She followed her teachers’ advice and instructions without questioning them, and can see the results of her unwavering trust. 

One day, Saranya would like help educate the poor and underprivileged children, for that she is willing to work hard and do well.

“I believe in doing things on time.”

Isha Vidhya-Erode
Topper of Class 12


Janani, who was born to an artist father who teaches parttime drawing to children, has herself been a bit of a scholar, finishing up the last of her assignments with zero backlogs. Her mantra of “doing things on time’ has landed her excellent results in both, class 10 and 12, – 91% and 85%, respectively.

Joining as a toddler in kindergarten, Janani followed her sister’s footsteps - Sorchelve was a school topper too.

Although her favorites are math and chemistry, she is proficient in computer sciences. Janani’s single-minded focus landed her a full score of hundred in computer education. In all the studious academe, Janani’s creative side was not ignored – she did her father proud by drawing like a pro in art class. 

In spite of coming from a middle-class Tamil family, Jananji’s aspirations were always to study at an English-speaking school. The scholarship she earned at Isha Vidhya was her own personal, wish-granting genie.

Besides her teachers’ relentless motivation, the environment of - no-stress, no-punishments, no-problem at Isha Vidhya has been the biggest boon, prodding her to perform at her best.

Janani wants to be an architect and help a thousand children with scholarships.

"I wish to work as a doctor in a government hospital"

Isha Vidhya-Tuticorin


Bearing the education for three children has been testing on Anand’s hardworking parents, who work endlessly to see their children through better futures. His father, a service engineer and mother a teacher, have all their hopes pinned on the success of their children.

Anand joined Isha Vidhya in class 6 and has performed consistently in class, scoring 86% in class 10 and topping the school in Class 12.

In this family of high achievers Anand’s siblings are on par - his brother topped his school in class 10, with a hair splitting score of 98%, and his sister was a class 10 topper too.

Anand, who can often be found in the math lab, wishes to study medicine and is well on his way to a seat with 76.5% in class 12 - the highest in his school. Soon to be applying for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test), he crosses his fingers in anticipation for an admission.

“My teachers really care about me. With their love and encouragement I have felt very confident to take every step. Without any stress they push us forward, this has helped me so much.”

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