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Sibling Revelry

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02 May, 2023
9:56 AM

Successful students or star athletes with siblings attending the same school aim high to set an example not only for their classmates but also for their brother or sister. The siblings also support each other in heartwarming ways. Read about such inspirational sibling pairs at Isha Vidhya’s schools.

Sibling Revelry | Isha Vidhya article

An academically successful student or an athletic star can motivate their classmates, and if their brother or sister is also a student in the same school, there is an extra spark of motivation. Such successful students are further driven to raise the bar for their siblings so that they can reach their highest attainable goals.

Read about such jubilant duos who are making their journey through school in tandem – like they do at home. For them, school is an extension of home since they have one another around.


Sparkling Sisters

Harini topped her school in class 10, and the younger Sathana mirrors a similar result in her class. Daughters of a fisherman, both are good at extracurricular activities too, and study on scholarships.

Harini says, “I feel the need to set a benchmark for my sister, and as an elder sister, I lead and try to resolve Sathana’s problems.”

Sathana says, “I am happy that we are studying in the same school. Through Harini, I know the higher secondary teachers and have a chance to read her school books.”


Doting Duo

Janani says, “Although Sugunthan is younger than me, he minds me. If I skip lunch, he tells our mother, and I actually like him more for it. We love our childish fights and banter.” She studies diligently, especially because her parents think it will make Sugunthan perform better academically. Sugunthan feels proud that Janani topped the school in class 10 and says, “She is like a teacher at home and gives me the confidence to do well in my studies. At school, I can always depend on her for an extra pen – she’ll scold me but give it eventually.”


Sporting Pair

Siva Karthikeyan represented his school in running and football at the Zonal Sports Competition last year and has set a world record for spinning the Silambam stick for over five hours. His younger sister, Vaishnavi, won the title of Individual Champion in the under-14 age category after multiple wins at a recent Zonal Sports Competition. She treasures being referred to as Siva Karthikeyan’s sister and says his sporting achievements energize her to strive for more.

He supports her off the field too, especially in math.


Jolly Siblings

Both Oviya and Pugalmathi crack up when anyone is astounded to hear that the two of them are siblings. She says, “We travel together, and thanks to him, I get to improve my knowledge while helping him with his studies at home.”

Pugalmathi says, “I feel happy and supported to have Oviya in school. She helps me understand my lessons better. She also makes fun of me, and we fight and laugh together.”

Their joie de vivre carries on in academics too. Oviya was a school topper in class 10. Pugalmathi too is a topper in his class.


Bonded Twosome

Both Anandh and Akshatha reminisce about their cycle rides to school. Alumnus Anandh says, “Monitoring my sister without her knowledge, cycling to school together and meeting during the break was really fun. Whenever one of our cycles had a punctured tire, we’d ride double.” Akshatha remembers their cycle races to school.

Both Anandh and Akshatha were school toppers in class 12 and class 10, respectively. Anandh is now studying physiotherapy and sometimes helps Akshatha in math – his favorite subject. She dreams of working as a doctor in a government hospital.

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