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What Is It Like To Be An Isha Vidhya Teacher?

Volunteer Stories
11 May, 2019
2:34 PM

Savitri, one of Isha Vidhya’s first teachers, has been teaching at Isha Vidhya for eight years. She shares her experience of what transforming children’s lives is like.


Savitri A., the Vice Principal of Isha Vidhya, Coimbatore, is one of the first teachers who joined the team at Isha Vidhya, eight years ago. She tells us of her journey so far, and what it means to create transformation in the lives of so many children.

Savitri: Like most Indian students, I completed my schooling and graduation in government education institutions. I studied in Tamil medium, so until graduation, my communication skill and fluency in English were not good.

During my graduation, I happened to attend the Isha Yoga Program. I was so inspired by it. I can still remember that day. It was the first day of the millennium. I had the opportunity to see Sadhguru. He was just opposite me. He looked at me and smiled. That moment, I felt a spark in my heart and it spread all over my body. Even today, when I recall that moment, I feel the same tingle. That was the turning point in my life. Since that day, all my wishes and dreams have started coming true. Even today, I think Sadhguru is doing miracles in my life.

Along with my students I am also constantly growing in my career. This is because of the continuous training and the environment provided for the teachers at Isha Vidhya.

In 2006, through my father, I came to know that Isha would be starting a school in a village near ours. With my father’s guidance I applied for the teaching post. I attended the interview and on the same day received news of the job confirmation! That was how I began my teaching career with Isha Vidhya.

Teaching was a new field for me but I have always been interested in teaching, though I doubted my capability to be a good teacher. I love children and like to be around them always. This was another reason I chose the teaching profession. Isha Vidhya’s academic team trained us through several programs, including in spoken English. Thus, my dream of becoming a teacher came true and I happily started working with children.

The first year, I was handling classes for UKG (upper kindergarten) kids. It is very nice to see the same kids grown up and in higher classes now. I teach Social Science to the same children and have a very strong bond with them. Recently, while watching the performance of these students in the school annual day and sports day, there were tears of joy and happiness in my eyes. I don’t have the words to explain that feeling. It might be difficult to believe but I never felt the same way while seeing the growth of my son.

Along with my students I am also constantly growing in my career. This is because of the continuous training and the environment provided for the teachers at Isha Vidhya. I have improved my communication skills tremendously. People who interact with me now cannot believe that till graduation, I studied in Tamil medium.

I can’t believe that 8 years have passed at Isha Vidhya. Every day is a new day for me. Here, learning is a continuous process. So many new teaching techniques are introduced by our academic team. I never get bored in my job. As per Sadhguru’s vision, educating rural India is the only aim for me. I am very happy to be a part of this project. I have to give a lot to my students. I must improve my English so that I can teach correct English to them. I don’t know what to say but every minute at Isha Vidhya, I am living as a whole. Thank you Sadhguru for giving me this opportunity.

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