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Since its launch, the project has been envisioned as a massive people's movement at a grassroots level. Project Green Hands, pilot project of Cauvery Calling has built on this foundation of support from public, corporate and government over the years and has reached out to communities and people across the state of Tamil Nadu. PGH is reestablishing the power of individual action for large-scale change. Government institutions, NGOs, corporate partners, and individuals have pitched in to grow saplings and plant trees, and to support the effort. Through its activities, PGH aims to inspire people around the world to appreciate the true value of trees and the vital role that they play within human environments.


A child’s sensitivity and understanding about what is best to do for the environment outshines most adults. Our model Green School Movement works with children between the ages of 11 - 16 and provides them an opportunity to get directly involved in all aspects of environmental conservation - right from sowing seeds to planting and nurturing a tree.

This experience builds eco-consciousness in each child and open their mind to treat trees and nature as a part of themselves.


For initiatives to become self sustaining, communities need to be inspired and motivated, with all parties benefiting through their fullest inclusion and participation. The key responsibility of Project GreenHands is to transfer the ownership of the saplings to the individuals who plant them. These individuals take up the commitment of watering and nurturing the saplings into trees. The model of Project GreenHands is to enable people to assume responsibility of the trees planted.

Grassroots Volunteering

Isha volunteers are the building blocks of Isha Foundation. Anyone can be a volunteer with Project GreenHands. Wherever possible, our project leaders enable teams of Isha volunteers, school children and corporate employees to support the nursery activities. Spending a day in the nursery, while working with the earth and soil draws people from various backgrounds right into the heart of the project. This bridges the gap between people and the environment, which may arise from living in cities without regular exposure to nature.


In Project GreenHands, we give ample scope to employ women in our workforce. Nursery activities such as sapling production, stocking and maintenance are carried out by our workers. A total of 215 people are engaged in the project on an annual basis, out of which 191 are women. This accounts for 81% of the total workforce.


Farmers play a fundamental role in Project GreenHands by adopting agroforestry as a means to utilize agricultural land, including otherwise fallow land. As such, farmers’ mobilization through awareness generation and regular follow-up visits are given priority.


Historically, ancient Indian culture was attuned to daily celebration and festivities 365 days per year. In recent times, however, this celebratory spirit has been drained as obligation replaces innate euphoria, and the stresses of daily life – economic sustenance and marginalization – have quelled the natural expression of joy. Experience has shown that positive results occur in an unforeseen and unique way when project cycle management is infused with a spirit of celebration. Whether in tree planting, health screening or community education, Isha strives to foster an inclusive atmosphere of joy.

The Role of the Government

All our projects are well-received and supported by the government, which have shown their endorsement through the National and State Awards presented to PGH.

The Green School Movement is a tie-up with the Tamil Nadu Education Department that uses the existing National Green Corps scheme available in all government and private schools for furthering environmental education for school children.