There is only one business in the
world and that is of human wellbeing.
~ Sadhguru
Isha Outreach Testimonials - Sharing Experience of Many Volunteers PDF Print E-mail

“I own an Automobile workshop where I employ several mechanics. Experiencing Isha yoga programs together and playing on the same ISHA ‘Rural Olympics’ volleyball team is truly a rejuvenating experience for all of us.”

- P. Sengottayaan, Isha Volunteer, Muruganpudur


“As a senior and well-established citizen of my village, I convey my appreciation to ISHA for changing the face of my village for the better through its yoga and games. The youth have come closer together, the women have developed courage and some troublemaking residents are coming around – changes that the police could not bring about!”

- Kondappan, 65, Muruganpudur


“After the Tsunami, ISHA volunteers have played a big role in helping our coastal community rebuild in a more permanent, safe and effective way. They have taught us yoga, established herbal gardens and community games and have been providing high quality free medical care at our doorsteps.”

- Nayakarpettai, Cuddalore District