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Cauvery Calling’s Achievements So Far – Sadhguru Explains

From the Founder
16 January, 2020
12:49 PM

Sadhguru answers a question on the progress of Cauvery Calling, and why a few individuals are resisting the solution that Cauvery Calling proposes.


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Will Hart
03 May, 2020
This is such an important, worthwile project. I have just learned about it and intend to get involved right away. In my view, trees are very close to the creator and very integral to all life on this planet. Thank you Sadhguru for initiating Cauvery Calling!
vikash kumar
18 January, 2020
आपकी बातें सुनकर मैं बहुत प्रेरित हुआ हुँ । मैंने अपनी प्रति वर्ष की कमाई का 1 % हिस्सा Cauvery Calling Campaign मैं अर्पित करने का निर्णय लिया है । मैं एक बार आपसे मिलना चाहता हुँ ।
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