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Day 4 Highlights #CauveryDiaries

07 September, 2019
4:01 PM

On Day 4, the bikers started early morning from Mysuru, and enjoyed an intimate Satsang at the iconic Sadhguru Spot at Chamundi Hill. A major event in Mandya was up next and it was heartwarming to see the passionate support from all sections of socie

Day 4 Highlights #CauveryDiaries

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Gaurav Graphic
07 September, 2019
Kindly revert, how much tree been planted till date?
Vasantha Kumar M S
07 September, 2019
We have crossed 46 lakh trees with support from 1.5 lakh donors..u can check number of trees donated on this page by scrolling down https://www.ishaoutreach.org/en/cauvery-calling

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