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What Happens When Rivers Don’t Reach the Ocean

From the Founder
21 August, 2019
12:04 PM

Sadhguru describes the disaster that will happen if the rivers dry up inland and water doesn't go into the ocean. India could lose one-third of its geography to marine water!

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Prakash Kumar M A
21 August, 2019
Due to global warming ice glaciers are melting resulting in more fresh water to seas and more clouds to rain, hence it is a boon to India to link the rivers so that vegetation gets stabilised, further if water gets evoperated in hot placed it transform into clouds giving back water in the form of rain.
Since water has the property of flowing from top to bottom, wayers from the glaciers which melts from north pole side has to come towards the south pole side in the process near the equator water starts evoperated to form clouds. The movement of clouds needs to be understood
Further due to the tilt in earth water will not be able to flow from north side to south side directly, it takes its own path due to tilt of the earth, hence path of water is to be understood. The look of the globe appearsore waters will flow through Russia, China and India because of the climate change effect. In the present state connecting rivers ok.

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