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Why Should Farmers Be Poor? - On the Farmers’ Trail of Cauvery Calling

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01 September, 2019
2:08 PM

Overwhelmed by the bleak realities of farmers and Cauvery, our volunteers resort to poetic and emotional expression.

Why Should Farmers Be Poor? - On the Farmers’ Trail of Cauvery Calling

On July 31, 2019, Sadhguru flagged off the Farmers’ Outreach Campaign - a game changer aspect of Cauvery Calling. Under this campaign 28 trucks along with hundreds of volunteers are driving towards various districts in the two states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, to meet thousands of farmers and educate them about the profitable benefits of agroforestry. But more than that, the volunteers also are getting a glimpse into the heart-breaking reality of farmers’ lives.

Here is an opportunity to virtually experience the profoundness and joy of our volunteers. Stay with us, On the Farmers' Trail.

Flowing water should be stopped,

Stopped water should be absorbed,

Absorbed water should be sent into the ground

None of us can do this artificially

Only trees can

Hariyo neerannu tadeebeku

Tadeda neerannu ingisabeku

Ingisida neerannu bhoomi olage kalusabeku

Idanna naav yaru artificial agi madak agalla

Maragale madabeku


A software professional who worked in the IT sector for close to 10 years, Pankaja is now taking care of her home and the finer aspects of life. This granddaughter of a farmer feels immensely responsible for passing on the flora and fauna that her elders created, to her own two children.

“I was a part of the village outreach of Cauvery Calling for 5 days and had an immense and humbling experience interacting with the farmers and visiting beautiful villages in the most interior parts of Karnataka. On one of the visits, almost all farmers of that village were sitting in front of me, raptly listening to the narrative of Cauvery Calling. At one time I asked them, “How many of you have a bore-well in your farm with no water in it?” It was really hard-hitting when almost all hands went up!”

Cauvery Calling is driven by the emotion of a million volunteers, inspired by Sadhguru, and taking actual steps towards change. Many volunteers share that their lives have been deeply touched in these few days of interactions with the farmers. 

“I am so humbled. I realized that I had no connection with the farmers before this. How is it possible that the ones who grow food for us, are begging for help?” shared an overwhelmed volunteer. 

“Why should farmers be poor? What kind of social structure is this?” said Narendra not able to hide his angst at this disparity. 

“May this never happen to a farmer, not just in India, but anywhere in the world,” shared Anup with tears in his eyes, after meeting helpless farmers who had sold their lands to pay their debts. They were forced to take this step and bring their lives into total disarray since they couldn’t grow anything in their field because of water scarcity.

Dr. Chaitra from Hassan on the other hand decided to go hands-on with agroforestry. 

“I have been listening to Sadhguru's talks  regularly for the last four years. Yesterday I was with the Cauvery Calling Team and decided to buy land and cultivate trees. I have also convinced my brother to convert to agroforestry in our existing farmland.” 

Oh Cauvery! You Will Flow Again

Beloved daughter of Sahayadri,

You flow like the veins of Bharat.

Nurturing and nourishing life,

How can anyone be loving like you?

And yet why are your eyes welled up?

When did your anklets lose their charm?

Where did your sweet music vanish?

Why have your limbs turned dark and dried up?

How could humans do this to you?

When all you did was give them life.

Have we lost our sense and heart?

Have we turned to stone?

But suffer no more princess,

Essence of universe heard your cry.

It has sent a being full of light.

My Guru, to bless your banks.

His hands are not two but millions.

He has magic to ornament you with greenery.

With his outpouring grace,

Oh Cauvery!

You will flow again.

G Amarnath Sankar

Editor’s Note: Anyone can support Cauvery Calling. Here are a few ways to get involved:
Contribute Rs. 42 per sapling
Start a crowdfunding page

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