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Getting the most out of Get Mentored sessions

02 September, 2021
4:04 PM

Many renowned professionals - ranging from an Indian Air Force pilot to an IPS officer, among others - conducted Get Mentored sessions in an effort to broaden the perspectives of our Isha Vidhya higher secondary students and provide first-hand knowledge about various professions.

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The online sessions, conducted by renowned professionals from different walks of life, are aimed to broaden the perspectives of Isha Vidhya higher secondary students and provide them with first-hand knowledge about different professions.

To make home learning more engaging and add value to the online sessions, we have devised various approaches – one of which is our Get Mentored sessions. The Get Mentored sessions, conducted by renowned professionals from different walks of life – from an Indian Air Force pilot to an IPS officer, to a writer, and many more –aim to broaden the perspectives of our higher secondary students and provide them with first-hand knowledge about different professions.

Mouleeswaran from Isha Vidhya Vanavasi shares his experience with one such session.
“When I listened to the mentor’s valuable speech, I was impressed. It motivated me to enrich my spoken English. I find these sessions to be really informative, and they have helped me to enhance my knowledge and creative skills.”



Durga Shakti Nagpal, an IAS officer dedicated to fighting corruption, was a top ranker in the Union Public Service Commission Civil Service examination. She led a Get Mentored session for our high school students, offering advice on how to prepare for Civil Services and other competitive exams.
During her inspiring session, she guided the students through the methods she had used to develop interest and to follow a study plan, in order to prepare for the exams.
Saranya, a Class 11 student, says that Durga's advice is already helping her in improving her communication skills and expanding her knowledge. Even teachers who attended the session walked away with new ideas for improving their interactions with students.



In a recent Get Mentored session for Isha Vidhya students, Gururaj ‘Desh’ Deshpande, the Founder of Deshpande Foundation — a global philanthropic organization nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship in universities and cities across the US, Canada, and India, discussed strategic thinking and how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Desh anna, the President and Chairman of Sparta Group LLC, also encouraged students to think creatively, take risks and try their best to achieve their goals. Arasivarshini, a Class 10 student, said that the session infused her with confidence to overcome difficulties and achieve her life goals. Our teachers too learned valuable presentation skills and effective ways of teaching students.



Isha Vidhya students were offered insights on what and how to learn in a Get Mentored session recently conducted by Atul Pant, founder of Timeless Lifeskills Foundation, a UK-based education charity that offers novel learning solutions on life skills essential for success and wellbeing. He also works with 20+ rural schools in India.

He shared advice on how to learn new innovative skills online for free and how to tinker with discarded items at home. Pant also encouraged students to remain curious, explorative, and focused on pursuing their dreams.
Hema, a Class 11 student, said that this mesmerizing session helped her in organizing her career dreams. Our teachers found the session inspiring and walked away with novel teaching tips.



Dr. Sharmila is a medical entrepreneur, author, speaker, and women’s leader in the healthcare domain. She is also the founder of InsperaSkils, a Chennai-based social enterprise that trains next-generation healthcare professionals. She has mentored over 17,000 students from 42 countries and helped them achieve career and personal success.

At the Isha Vidhya session, she talked about various aspects of healthcare, ranging from how to create a positive impact on the world and live a joyful life, to dealing with negative emotions, depression, and anxiety. She also encouraged our students to have open and honest discussions with their parents.

She discussed the emerging areas in medicine, such as immunology, bio-engineering, and nano-technology. She also spoke about the possibility for seeking job opportunities in both low-level positions (cardiac care, OT, and X-ray technicians) and high-skilled positions in medicine and healthcare. She also explained the differences between entrepreneurship and social enterprise.

Samitha, a Class 10 student at Isha Vidhya Cuddalore, says, “Dr. Sharmila inspired us to think about making career plans. She taught us how to deal with difficult situations – which will surely help me think through any situation. She is so multi-talented, energetic, and inspiring that I want to be like her.”



Shri P.S. Pradyumna, an IAS officer of the 2004 batch from the Andhra Pradesh cadre, held an engaging session on the Civil Services in India and the various government jobs that our students might aspire for. He also gave them advice on how to prepare for the Civil Services exams.
Shri P.S. Pradyumna, who in 2018, stood 7th in a list of 10 exceptional IAS officers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make a difference in the lives of many, also spoke about the Right to Information Act and inspired the students to become active participants and guardians of democracy. Besides sharing his life journey and how he dealt with setbacks in life, he also gave tips on how to develop management and leadership skills.

Akshadha, a Class 12 student of Isha Vidhya Tuticorin, says the tips the IAS officer shared with them will work for anything that they aspire to achieve. She was inspired by Shri Pradyumna and says that she has since become more conscious about time and her future.



Shri Valluvan is a trained agriculturist from Tamil Nadu who practices organic farming and tree cultivation. He is part of the Sadhguru Sannathi Nature Farm, where thousands of farmers have been trained to use natural manure rather than chemical fertilizers for farming, which benefits both the farmer as well as the soil, resulting in a healthier crop.

During the session, Shri Valluvan did his best to sow the seed of farming as a career option in the minds of our students. He discussed various farming models and how agriculture can be both a nurturing and profitable endeavor. 

While interacting with the students during the session, Shri Valluvan was pleasantly surprised by some thought-provoking questions from them. He said he found it reassuring to see so many young faces eagerly watching and listening to him speak about farming for over an hour.

Sriharikrishna, a Class 10 student from Isha Vidhya Vanavasi, says,
“I have learned about the natural process of agriculture and understood that agriculture is the broad term for everything that goes into growing crops and raising animals to provide food and resources that people can use and enjoy. I also learnt not to worry about failure when involved in agriculture. It was an encouraging session.”

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