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Project Green Hands takes off in Hyderabad in a Green way

Volunteer Stories
29 May, 2019
4:55 PM

The much awaited day for the Isha Hyderabad Volunteers, the launch of Project GreenHands took off on 22 March 2008 with more than 6000 seeds being sowed at the Venue - Apollo Hospitals site, Nanakramguda.


“Trees and humans are in an intimate relationship. What they exhale, we inhale, what we exhale, they inhale. This is a constant relationship that nobody can afford to break or live without.” - Sadhguru

The much awaited day for the Isha Hyderabad Volunteers, the launch of Project GreenHands took off on 22 March 2008 with more than 6000 seeds being sowed at the Venue - Apollo Hospitals site, Nanakramguda.

With an overwhelming response of more than 100 Volunteers mudding their hands in the soil and manure mixture to prepare the covers for sowing more than 6000 seeds, it truly was a revelation of a collective effort.

The launch started at 0900hrs with a Guru Pooja, an offering to all the spiritual masters, followed by an inspiring talk by Sadhguru over the video on Trees and Environment and its importance in each of our lives.

The event was then flagged by Mr Vishweshwar Reddy, MD, Citadel Research and Solutions Ltd and Ms Swati Sanghi, Director, Sanghi Spinners India Ltd, by planting the first sapling. Later, Ms Sangeetha Reddy, Executive Director - Operations, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad joined us in the campaign.


The day involved preparing composed manure soil mixture, putting the mixture in sapling sachets, shifting and arranging them under the green shaded nursery shed and sowing the seeds of two varieties – Timber Value(gmelina arborea) and Avenue(phespesia potulnea). A pre prepared motherbed was used to sow the Mahagony(swietenia mahagoni) seeds.

With equal participation from individuals of all ages, the spirit of Isha and the energy bursting within each one of us was very much eminent. Children had their day out soaking their hands in the mud with the parents encouraging them to participate….more of a dream for the grown ups, isn’t it?!!

It was a day of celebration and fun, with the clouds pouring down and everyone dancing to the tunes of Sounds of Isha. Adding to this was the touch of Holi colours that made everyone turn all the more colourful…..

The phase-1 of the event that displayed the dedication and enthusiasm of all the Volunteers who have been working for the last two weeks to make this event a success, came to an end at 1800hrs on the 22nd March, 2008.


The phase-2 of this activity would commence on the 30 March 2008 at 0900hrs at the same venue. Those who wish to be a part of this initiative, contact 9346867662 or 9959625358 for exploring the options of participating in the myriad activities.

Following this initiative of creating nurseries, PGH plans to plant 25,000 trees in the city this year through participation of school children. Over 75 schools are expected to participate in this planting celebaration, which will commence by June 08. An awareness campaign will form a part of this effort where over 1.5 lac people will be reached out to create awareness about the importance of nurturing trees.

Sharings and Experiences –

“Being a software professional, most of my work is in air conditioned cubicles meeting deadlines and releases. Today, working in the open, under the vast blue sky, in this pleasant climate and the very importantly, the impact that my voluntary work has upon the society gives me an immense satisfaction which is much beyond any recognition or reward in my career.” - Radhika, Volunteer PGH, Hyderabad

“It was a very beautiful heart touching experience for me and nature also assisted us with lovely showers of rain. It was like a big family joining together for a picnic. I had loads of fun dancing and playing in the rain after a long time in my life. Isha is always a cocktail - fun, work, excitement, element of surprise, love, affection name anything, its there !!!!” - Deepa Prem, Volunteer, Hyderabad

"Participating in Project Green Hands brought a overwhelming feeling of joy in me. I felt like I went back in years to my childhood getting my hands dirty with mud and not caring about it. The rain and colors of Holi just doubled it up. It was an exhilarating experience to be part of something this big that makes a large impact to the environment we live in. I am looking forward to following up on the responsibilities I have taken." - Narayanan Jaganathan, Volunteer

“Every big success starts with a small step. I'm fortunate to be part of Project Green Hands initiative in Hyderabad and enjoyed every moment. I encourage everyone to come forward and join hands for this good cause.” - Koteshwara Babu Peparthi, Volunteer

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Sai lakshmi
15 June, 2019
I am from Hyderabad too. Can I join this program as a volunteer? Can someone tell me how?
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