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Isha Outreach: Fired by Passion, Powered by Compassion

As the virus ravages our planet, Isha Outreach has rolled out a ground action plan to keep the virus from entering tribal and rural communities in our region. Armed with commitment and compassion, Isha volunteers are on ground delivering a diverse range of services to the most vulnerable. From offering daily nourishment to equipping standby isolation wards; door-to-door education to supply of essentials, our volunteers are leaving no stone unturned to reach the most vulnerable.


Loss of livelihoods has paralyzed rural economies and brought communities to the brink of starvation. Our effort is to prevent starvation from being the basis of suffering or death among the most vulnerable. You can help our efforts.

How We Do It

Corona relief package is distributed by Isha Outreach Volunteer

Serving to Prevent, Committing to Prepare

Economy, heath, livelihoods, governance – the virus has impacted all aspects of life. As always, the hardest hit are the economically disadvantaged communities in rural India. This is the group Isha Outreach is serving. The virus has not entered these communities and we are determined to keep it that way with a slew of preventive measures.

  • Prevention is better than cure. Our volunteers are trudging the alleys of hamlets, knocking on every door and educating families on preventive actions they can take.
  • #SavetheSaviours. We’re equipping medical professionals and other first responders including health workers, police, panchayat officers, sanitation workers, and primary health centers with the protective gear and infrastructure they need to serve the community without fear.
  • Emergency services. Our ambulance services are on standby to transport potential patients to treatment centers in the event of an outbreak; we’re also equipping isolation wards with necessary infrastructure.
  • Preventing starvation. Every Isha volunteer is personally committed to doing whatever is within their power to prevent starvation in the community. We’ve set up community kitchens with the highest hygiene standards and we’re delivering cooked meals and immunity boosters to the community so that loss of livelihood needn’t translate to loss of life.
  • Support for Farmers. By providing timely marketing assistance to farmers, we’re doing whatever we can to ensure that their daily toil doesn’t go in vain. The objective is to reach perishable produce to markets as swiftly as possible to ensure a fair price for fresh produce.
Isha is distributing medical kits such as Masks, sanitizer, Shoe covers, Protective goggles, etc. to health workers

You can support our efforts

Here’s a list of material that we’re procuring to equip frontline workers and enable them to serve the community without fear. You can help by contributing or sponsoring some of this material

  • Surgical masks (₹ 20 per piece)
  • Shoe covers (₹ 34 per pair)
  • Nitrile gloves (₹ 120 per pair)
  • Hand sanitizers (₹ 200 per 200ml)
  • Face shields (₹ 400 per piece)
  • Protective goggles (₹ 100-500 per piece)
  • Standard masks ( ₹ 392 per piece)
  • PPE Kit (₹ 1064 per kit)
  • Coverall gowns (₹ 2000 per unit)
  • Infrared Thermometer (₹ 8000-14000 per piece)
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What You Can Do

Beat the Virus


Isha Outreach is on a mission to protect vulnerable communities from coronavirus

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